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Mike @ Tracy

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Jan 13, 2007
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I just found a chart for 86 axle codes in my original manuals.


Code 13 is 4.11

16 is 3.50

18 is 3.08

19 is 3.55

"limited slip"

Code H3 is 4.11

H6 is 3.50

H8 is 3.08

H9 is 3.55

I know these codes are good for 86 not sure what other years use the same codes. If anyone can add info please do.



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May 22, 2004
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Thanks Mike, that pretty much applies to all years of Bronco production as far as factory ship options go. If a 2 follows those it means that the front axle is also a limited slip, ex. H62. Some years didn't have as many choices, for ex. 83 only had 18, 19 as conventional options and H8, H9 as limited slip factory ship options. For any one wondering where to find the code on their Bronco, look at the Safety Compliance Certificate that is mounted on the driver side rear door post under the label AXLE. If you know the gears haven't been changed, that is reliable. You can also look for a tag attached to a differential bolt. If there is any doubt, put the rear end on Jack stands, mark the drive shaft where you can see it, turn a wheel and count the shaft revolutions for one revolution of the rear wheel, approximately 3 and 1/2 turns would be 3.55 or 3.50 depending weather you have a 8.8 or 9.0 differential, (if it is a limited slip differential, you need a friend to turn the other rear wheel at the same speed as you). The Ford design axle tag has the information at the bottom of the tag ex. 3.08 would be conventional gears and 3L08 would be a limited slip. The Dana design axle tag, front differential, has the ratio in the top left corner of the tag and if it is a limited slip it is marked LS in the bottom right corner.

What Axle Do you have?

The Ford 9.0 ring rear design has the bolts on the front side of the differential. (It is easier to work on because you can take it out and change gears on a work bench).

The Ford 8.8 ring gear design has the bolts in the rear end side of the differential. (From the view of a shade tree mechanic, changing the gears is a little more difficult since you have to either remove the axle assembly or crawl around under the truck, if you like playing in the dirt and mud perhaps that is no problem either. Not many of us are privileged to have a lift in the garage, though you can get one for around $2,500).


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