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Need a circuit diagram to bench test a tailgate motor (brand new) Suspect the motor i got from U S is'nt operating??
Gotta start somewhere.
Need help with my #18 fuse. My odometer and speedometer are not working because of a blown #18 fuse (10 amp). My OD light is also flashing because of the blown fuse. Shifting very rough because the speedometer not working. Tried to change it out and the new one blew immediately. Any suggestions on where to turn next?
Looking for bumper guards for 95 Ford Bronco having a hard time finding them LMC sells just the pad for the 95 and that’s it I’m looking for the bumper guard n pads any help on this please n thank you
96 Bronco, 351 or 5.8 liter. 4x4 not working, sounds like it is but front wheels not pulling. Where's best place to start to diagnose problem? Hubs look fine no gear wear or chips showing. I have auto hubs but still have gear shift for transfer case. Not puch button 4x4.
Get ride of the auto hubs I have a set of mile marker I will sell you or get a Good set of warn Manual hubs , then you can ck t case if it engages it is probly good ck the output shaft with hubs free and 4x ingaged should not turn more than 1 turn I will bet it is the hubs.
Any one know where I can find a grill guard/ winch mount for an 86 bronco XLT?
I bought my bumper here it is a kit that you can customize the way you want I painted my bumper with bed liner or you could powder coat it.