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looking for a missing 1986 ford bronco I need to find it
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These insurances companys have a system they use to track down stolen vehicles. I think they are linked to every state in the nation and use the vin number. Check with your insurance company or any of them and ask about it. I read where a guy found his bronco that way and I think it was liscend in another state
The name of it is NICL--National Insurance Crime Lab. Try and contact them. They might be able to help you. Its a national insurance deal where they locate vehicles.
I’ve noticed a knocking noise I’m tthinking due to type of gas I’m using I’m in Massachusetts truck came from Florida I’m assuming use a high grade in gas and run about 2 tank full to see a difference is there anything g else I need to look for 95 FB 5.0
Need a circuit diagram to bench test a tailgate motor (brand new) Suspect the motor i got from U S is'nt operating??
Gotta start somewhere.