Sticking brake pedal--1995 Bronco


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Oct 29, 2019
hello all,

I have a 1995 bronco that I am slowly working on.  When I first bought it a couple of months ago the brake lights would periodically stay on after you used the brakes.  They would also come out once you turned off the motor as the pedal would let down a tiny, tiny bit.  So I  checked the brake fluid in the master cylinder---it was full.  Later I replaced the sending switch on the pedal---it didn't seem to change much either.

Since then we have had some cooler weather.  Now when I drive it the pedal is sticking at about the midway point.  It does not appear I have any links at the wheels as I see no fluid and the master cylinder is slap full.

I'm thinking next step is the master cylinder as I understand they can leak internally causing them to stick.  This sound like a plausible next step?



Oct 18, 2005
Coronado, CA
Yo MS,

Hopefully, this by Ford will address your issue, "Brake Pedal

On brake master cylinder or dash-mounted power brake booster equipped vehicles, the brake systems are designed to permit a full stroke of the brake master cylinder (2140) when the brake pedal (2455) is fully depressed. A brake pedal clearance adjustment is not required.

For proper brake pedal adjustment on F-Super Duty Motorhome vehicles, refer to Section 06-06.

To release the brakes, fluid must flow back to the master cylinder through a return port when pedal pressure is released. To be sure the piston moves back far enough to expose the return port, free-travel is in to the pedal linkage on standard booster systems. This prevents the piston from becoming trapped in a partially released position. Pedal-free travel is not always perceptible in dash-mounted power brake booster systems, because the operating clearance for the piston is adjusted at the booster push rod, rather than the brake pedal linkage. Refer to Section 06-07A for instructions on dash-mounted booster push rod adjustment."


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