Special (?) 1987 Eddie Bauer Bronco Redo

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Nov 21, 2023
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The running joke in my family is that once I’m of age, I’ll get my long awaited, coveted, and esteemed Bronco from my dad. Problem is: it’s literally going to need a complete redo. My dad said he blew up/out the engine one day from mud-riding. It’s been to two people to fix it but they only made it worse. It’s parts are thrown about our yard, the front part has been taken off of the body and is laying next to it. My dad got it preowned in 2000, apparently there’s something cool about it. I can’t remember the exact “cool” story or thing but it was owned by two twins and a judge or something and then we got it from the pair for a few thousand. Either one of the twins were a judge or they were just regular people. They had identical trucks. This truck has been subject to many storms. It hasn’t rust out but it’s wayyyy broken down (ya’ know…storms and Mississippi weather..). I have no expertise in anything vehicular, but I’m definitely willing to learn. We have no idea where the handbook for repairs and stuff is but it’s for sale at O’Reilly’s for 30-ish bucks. I don’t know what my timeframe is to fix it but I want it done in the next 3 years (highly unlikely, I know). I’ve constantly pestered my family about fixing it but with inflation, we’ve been struggling financially. I’m very stubborn and don’t give up easily on what I hope to achieve. However, I’ve been told (possible out of anger or just honesty) that fixing it up will be quite costly and even after fixing it, it still won’t be safe for daily travel. I’m hoping to personally use it but I’ve been told to settle just for hunting (which is how it got messed up in the first place). Basically, I just need to know the estimated cost, the how-to, time estimate, if it’s even possible, the parts, etc. I really want this truck to be my truck because of its history with my dad but my dreams and aspirations have been stomped down by my parents due to the unknown aspects of life. *cue the worlds saddest and smallest violin* How would I go about fixing it? How could I convince my parents to help/let me fix it? I could use a good step by step guide as well. If you have any tips, ideas, or an answer, pray tell! As you can see, it’s in amazing condition.


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Jul 22, 2020
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Fun project.

Haynes manual from some place like oreilly is helpful. There is tons of information here and other places on the internet.

When you say they tried to fix it? You mean the engine?

With a project of this magnitude I think I would be temped to find a running driving donor truck and swap the known good engine and trans into it. That way you also have any other parts that might be missing. Like damaged wiring, engine computer. That type of thing.
To me that would be the easiest cheapest way to get it running and moving under it's own power again.


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Oct 18, 2005
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Yo jlown,
Welcome to our Bronco community!

Here's a freebie for you, the Haynes Red Manual for 80-95 Bronco & F Series @ Hanes guide 80-96 bko f series.pdf found by a friend, BroncMom!

And the 1987 Bronco Dealer Brochure @ https://www.xr793.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/1987-Ford-Bronco.pdf

1987 Owner's Manual, partial (Towing it & 4 speed manual transmission shift patterns & operation) by Ford via Mikey350 @ 1996 Ford Bronco 87 Bronco Owners Manual pictures, videos, and sounds | SuperMotors.net

See my mostly recovered site by my friend schwim @ Ford Bronco And F-150 Links - FORD BRONCO
It contains boo-koo component repairs, installation & parts sources.

Looking forward to the resurrection of your Bronco or a different Bronco.

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