DIY terminal ends!!

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Blue beast

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Oct 17, 2007
Get some copper tubing in various diameters and keep in your tool box. Take the tubing that matches the wires diameter, Hammer the end flat, Drill hole the size you need in the flattened area, Cut to length you need. Either crimp to the wire as is, or for a better more corrosion free longer lasting connection. Cut a few pieces

of solder to 1/8" long put inside the terminal end, slide heatshrink over wire, crimp wire into terminal, heat up the terminal so the solder melts inside and put a

bead of solder around the wire, slide the heat shrink over the connection and shrink it. Before you put the tubing in your toolbox or truck, Heat it up to to a few hundred degrees below red hot you don't want to over heat it just enough so when you hammer it it won't crack. The great thing about using the copper is that

you can make them as long as you need, Say you have to cut off 6 inches of wire because of corrosion or it got burnt, You can make the terminal end that long

to take up the wire that was removed!! Try to buy a terminal that is 6" long from a store!! Before you hammer it flat you can put some dielectric inside it to

prevent corrosion all the way.;Category=24 They carry marine grade tinned

wire and mil spec wire cheap, If you plan to keep your truck use that when you rewire or put in fog lights and it will last forever. If your in Florida doing the theme

park thing with famn damily, Make some time for yourself to go to the man's theme park in Orlando, I guarantee you will ups a box with goodies home!! The website isn't the best but take a look at the pics of the inside of the store.

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