1989 Bronco 2 Fuel Pump DIY Access Panel

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Nov 19, 2022
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Saturday - December 3rd, 2022

I bought my 1989 Ford Bronco 2 XLT around 3 weeks ago. I put in new plugs, a couple tires, a fuel filter, oil filter, and oil change. Next will be plug wires, cap, and rotor. It always smelled of gas when it was running and it ran kind of rough, not missing - just kind of sluggish. Even the previous owner said he always smelled a gas smell.

I didn't notice the gas smell until after I replaced the fuel filter. I could tell that the old filter was more clogged than the new one, not a lot - but a little. I thought I didn't snap those plastic clips in the fuel line properly so I double checked them. One of the clips slipped sideways and wasn't seated correctly so I fixed it right and started it up to test it. It wasn't leaking and I didn't smell gas at that location. But when I went to the rear of the Bronco I could see gas running down the tail pipe. I immediately shut it down and investigated further. A long rubber fuel line was resting right on the tailpipe and it had a hole in it and the gas was leaking from there. So then I knew I had to replace that fuel line, it was the one that comes from the fuel pump and goes to the engine. It looked to me like the only way to reach all of that was to drop the tank. I lifted the carpet in hopes to find an access panel (like some vehicles) but there was none.

I cut out the floor and made my own access panel, the video link below shows what happened and what I did - hope you enjoy:

1989 Bronco 2 DIY Fuel Pump Access Panel

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