Bronco/ F150 doors

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Dec 23, 2010
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Hey guys its derek,

I have a 1979 for truck and wondering if the doors off of a 79 or 80 bronco would fit my truck? I need a new door on the passenger side and i saw one at the junkyard that had a door on a 79 or 80 bronco that was in really good condition.

Thanks for the help.



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May 22, 2004
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Not sure about the 80 - 86 on a 79, kinda doubt it, but definitely a 79 truck door Will fit. The Broncos for 78 - 96 are based off the F150/250

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Oct 18, 2005
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yo, I agree w/Fred on styles; according to our Sponsor and other body parts sources, the doors have different PN;s between 79 and 80.

The body styles are year-grouped for overall appearance & fit; here is a compilation I have been doing; from various sources:

78-79, The redesign of the Bronco in 1978 was based on the F-100 truck, sharing many chassis, drivetrain, and body components. The entire front clip is indistinguishable from their full size trucks for those years, and 78/79 broncos were available in either round or square sealed beam headlight styles by

1978 model year. This new Bronco was based on the Ford F-Series pickup. In fact, the F-150 SuperCab four-wheel drive floor plan and steering linkage were used on the Bronco. The new Bronco boasted a 104.7 inch wheelbase and more room. Compared to the classic Bronco the new model offered 15% more front hip room, 30% more rear hip room. The cargo capacity was increased from 16.6 cubic feet to 49.3 to 97.4 depending on the rear seat configuation. The new Bronco was larger outside too, five inches higher, ten inches wider, and two feet longer than the original. The new Bronco featured a removable fiberglass hardtop (or should we say half top). When this top was removed it gave the new Bronco the open air feel everyone expected while keeping the front passengers covered. This feature stemmed from the fact that the Bronco was essentially the same as the F-Series pickup from the B-pillar forward.

80-86, The Bronco received a major redesign for 1980, coinciding with the F-Series. The new Bronco was shorter, and had cosmetic changes along with powertrain, suspension and other odds and ends.

dimensions for 1980 were reduced by 2.7 inches in length and 1.1 inches in width. Body was heavily restyled with cleaner lines; Wind drag was reduced by 25% and a new grille featured rectangular headlamps.History, 78-96 Bronco; Ford Truckin' Magazine; 1997 winter issue Source: by Trent R

87-91, In 1987, the body and drivetrain of the fullsize Bronco changed, as it was still based on the F-Series. The new aero body style reflected a larger redesign of many Ford vehicles for the new model year.

The body was restyled and featured a more aerodynamic look and Euro-style headlamps


...the whole front clip from the 87-91 can be bolted onto the 80-96 body/frame. There are a few posts from members that have done this, and I'm planning to do this over the winter months. The body lines of the wheelwell openings will not match front to back, not a problem if you're trimming the fenders like me, JSM84... by our pal here, by justshootme84 at Ford Bronco Zone Forums

& 92-96, The Bronco, along with the F-Series, was updated for 1992. The new Bronco was redesigned with safety in mind, incorporating front crumple zones, rear shoulder seat belts, a third brakelight embedded in the removable top, and after 1994, driver-side airbags. Due to the taillight and shoulder belts being safety equipment integrated into the top, the top was no longer legally removable and all literature in the owners manuals that had previously explained how to take the top off was removed. Cosmetic exterior and interior changes included a sweeping front end w/ much more swept front sheetmetal that curved in at the fenders.

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