Back Up Switch Location 1978 Bronco

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Good evening all. Replaced the back up light sockets on my Bronco first of the week and still no joy on getting the lights to work when shifting into reverse. Anyone know the location of the back up switch on a '78 model with an automatic transmission?. Have read that some are mounted on the steering sector and others are mounted on the transmission. Please advise.




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Oct 18, 2005
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 It's on the C6. Driver side.. aka MANUAL LEVER.

"...straight from all data...should be the same for the 78
Place transmission manual lever in neutral position, then insert a .091 inch gauge pin through gauge pin holes, Fig. 8. 
Tighten switch attaching bolts, then remove gauge pin. 
Install outer downshift lever and retaining nut. 
Install downshift linkage rod return spring between lever and retaining clip on low-reverse servo cover. 
Reconnect electrical connectors, then check operation of switch.

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by Redwagon (Tim)

Dustball wrote, "I loosen the shift linkage nuts before adjusting the NSS. Get the NSS adjusted correctly then move onto the shifter and get that adjusted correctly and you should be good."
[SIZE=23.76px]"Verify the transmission is in neutral postion, do not go by the shift indicator on the column as the linkage to it may need to be adjusted best to loosen the nut on the crossbar to column bar and let it slide. [/SIZE][SIZE=23.76px]Block the wheels on the Bronco and manually put it in neutral by counting the detents adjust the NSS to it." by [/SIZE]InfoFord

Neutral Safety Switch Wiring Color Codes in a 79; "...white/pink wire and Black/Red wire are for back up lights. The two red/blue wires are the neutral safety, I had to wire in a NSS on my shifter and used the other two..." 
Source: by CrCrazyBRONCOguy



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Oct 18, 2005
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See images;



By raceabilene


c6exploded.jpg | Hits: 12049 | Posted on: 2/17/07 | View Low-Res

C6 Exploded & Hydraulic Schematic 

1 7902 Torque Converter 
2 87650-S Converter Drain Plug, 1/8-27, Dryseal Tapered Thread 
3 7017 Input Shaft 
4 Front Pump Seal (Part of 7A103) 
5 Front Pump Bushing (Part of 7A103) 
6 Front Pump Body (Part of 7A103) 
7 58619-S2 Bolt 
8 Pump Driven Gear (Part of 7A103) 
9 Pump Drive Gear (Part of 7A103) 
10 Front Pump Support (Part of 7A103) 
11 20346-S8 Hex-Head Bolt (Part of 7A103) 
12 7A103 Front Pump Assembly 
13 7D014 ****** Washer, No. 1 
14 7A248 Front Pump Seal, Large 
15 7D025 Intermediate Brake Drum Seal (2 Req'd) 
16 7A136 Pump Gasket 
17 7D029 Intermediate Brake Band Strut 
18 7D034 Intermediate Band 
19 7D430 Intermediate Band Anchor Strut 
20 7D044 Intermediate Brake Drum 
21 7E056 Direct Clutch Piston Inner Seal 
22 7A548 Direct Clutch Piston Outer Seal 
23 7A262 Direct Clutch Piston 
24 7B488 Direct Clutch Piston Spring (10 Req'd) 
25 7A527 Direct Clutch Piston Spring Retainer 
26 377136-S Direct Clutch Piston Spring Retainer Ring 
27 7B442 Direct Clutch External Spline Plate (Steel) 
28 7B164 Direct Clutch Internal Spline Plate (Friction) 
29 7B066 Direct Clutch Pressure Plate 
30 7D248 Intermediate Brake Drum ****** Washer No. 2 
31 377126-128S, 377437, 377444-S Direct Clutch Pressure Plate Retaining Ring 
32 7D019 Forward Clutch Cylinder Seal (2 Req'd) 
33 7A360 Forward Clutch Cylinder 
34 7A548 Forward Clutch Piston Outer Seal 
35 7A548 Forward Clutch Piston Inner Seal 
36 7A262 Forward Clutch Piston 
37 7D256 Forward Clutch Piston Spring Ring 
38 7B070 Forward Clutch Piston Disc Spring 
39 377127-S Retaining Ring 
40 7B066 Forward Clutch Front Pressure Plate 
41 7E085 Forward Clutch Wave Spring 
42 7B442 Forward Clutch External Spline Plate (Steel) 
43 7B164 Forward Clutch Internal Spline Plate (Friction) 
44 7B066 Forward Clutch Rear Pressure Plate 
45 377127-S, 377437-S, 377444-S, 386841-2-S Forward Clutch Pressure Plate Retaining Ring 
46 7D090 Forward Clutch Hub ****** Washer No. 4 
47 377132-S Retaining Ring 
48 7B067 Forward Ring Gear Hub 
49 7D392 Forward Ring Gear 
50 7A166 Forward Planet Carrier ****** Washer No. 5 
51 7D236 Forward Clutch Hub ****** Race 
52 7D234 Forward Clutch Hub ****** Bearing Assembly No. 3 and No. 6 (2 Req'd) 
53 7D235 Forward Clutch Hub ****** Race 
54 7A398 Forward Planet Carrier Assembly 
55 7D063 Sun Gear 
56 377300-S Front Retaining Ring 
57 7D064 Input Shell 
58 7D066 Input Shell ****** Washer 
59 377300-S Rear Retaining Ring 
60 377155-S Retaining Ring 
61 7D423 Reverse Planet Carrier ****** Washer No. 7 and No. 8 
62 7D006 Reverse Planet 
63 387031-S5 Retaining Ring 
64 7A153 Output Shaft Ring Gear 
65 7D164 Output Shaft Hub 
66 377132-S Output Shaft Hub Retaining Ring 
67 7D422 Output Shaft Hub ****** Bearing No. 9 
68 7B067 Reverse Clutch Hub 
69 7A089 One-Way Clutch Assembly 
70 385044-S Reverse Clutch Retaining Ring 
71 7B066 Reverse Clutch Pressure Plate 
72 7B164 Reverse Clutch Internal Spline Plate (Friction) 
73 7B442 Reverse Clutch External Spline Plate (Steel) 
74 7E085 Reverse Clutch Wave Spring 
75 7D403 Reverse Clutch Piston Outer Seal 
76 7D404 Reverse Clutch Piston Inner Seal 
77 One-Way Clutch Race, Inner (Part of 7D164) 
78 7D406 Reverse Clutch Retainer and Spring Assembly 
79 7D402 Reverse Clutch Piston 
80 7D167 One-Way Clutch Inner Tag Attaching Bolt (5 Req'd) 
81 7005 Case 
82 7B368 Output Shaft ****** Washer No. 10 
83 7A233 Output Shaft Park Gear 
84 7C232 Fluid Distributor Sleeve 
85 7D000 Fluid Distributor Tube, Inlet 
86 7D000 Fluid Distributor Tube, Outlet 
87 20386-S8 Bolt (4 Req'd) 
88 387035-S5 Retaining Ring 
89 7D011 Governor Housing Seal Ring (3 Req'd2 Teflon?, 1 Cast Iron) 
90 7D220 Governor Fluid Collector Body 
91 7C063 Governor 
92 34805-S8 Bolt (4 Req'd) 
93 378259 Cup Plug 
94 7060 Output Shaft 
95 7086 Extension Housing Gasket 
96 7A039 Extension Housing (4x2) 
97 7A034 Extension Housing Bushing 
98 7052 Extension Housing Fluid Seal 
99 380207-S2 Bolt (2 Req'd) (4x2 Only) 
100 7G496 Switch Wiring Harness Retainer (4x2) 
101 57621-S2 ***** and Washer Assembly, 1/4-20 x .62 
102 7H183 Extension Housing Plug (Used to Plug Speedometer Gear Hole) 
103 380209-S Bolt (4 Req'd) (4x2) 
104 7G496 Vacuum Tube Retainer (4x2) 
105 7A039 Extension Housing (4x4) 
106 7G495 Vacuum Tube Retainer (4x4) 
107 380209-S Bolt (4 Req'd) (4x4) 
108 7G496 Switch Wiring Harness Retainer (4x4) 
109 58642-S2 Bolt (2 Req'd) (4x4 Only) 
110 57633-S2 Bolt (4 Required) 
111 Transmission Model Identification Tag (Not Serviced) 
112 7D027 Intermediate Band Servo Cover 
113 7D024 Intermediate Band Servo Cover Piston Seal 
114 7D026 Intermediate Band Servo Cover Gasket 
115 7D021 Intermediate Band Servo Piston and Rod Assembly 
116 7D028 Intermediate Band Servo Piston Spring 
117 7D273 Fluid Tube Connector (2 Required) 
118 87650-S Pipe Plug, 1/8-27 Dryseal (Used in Case for Measuring Throttle Valve Pressure) 
119 7034 Vent 
120 7E206 Intermediate Band Servo Lever Shaft Retainer 
121 7D433 Intermediate Band Actuating Lever Shaft 
122 7330 Intermediate Servo Band Lever 
123 7D071 Parking Pawl Shaft 
124 7A441 Parking Pawl 
125 7D070 Parking Pawl Return Spring 
126 379058-SScrew and Washer Assembly 
127 7D419 Park Rod Guide Plate (Serviced in Kits Only) 
128 56119-S Hex ****** Head Bolt, 5/16-18 x .82 (7F013, 7F006 and 7A377 to 7005) 
129 7F013 Vacuum Diaphragm Heat Shield 
130 7A377 Throttle Valve Control Diaphragm 
131 7F006 Vacuum Diaphragm Clip 
132 7A380 Throttle Control Valve Rod 
133 7D080 Primary Throttle Valve 
134 33798-S8Nut, 5/16 
135 34806-S7Hex Lockwasher 
136 7A394 Downshift Control Outer Lever 
137 Bolt 55651-S2 
138 Park/Neutral Position Switch 7A247 
139 Throttle Control Outer Lever Seal 386078-S 
140 Manual Control Lever 7A256 
141 Manual Control Lever Fluid Seal 7B498 
142 Lock Nut 375185-S100 
143 Adjusting ***** 7A178 
144 1/4-20 x .50 Hex Flg. Bolt 56501-S2 
145 Manual Valve Detent Lever Spring 7A261 
146 Parking Plate Shaft Plug 6572 
147 Parking Plate Shaft 7D418 
148 Parking Plate Torsion Spring 7D417 
149 Parking Rod Support Plate 7D414 
150 1/8-27 Pipe Plug, Dryseal Tapered Thread (Used in Case for Measuring Pump Pressure) 87650-S 
151 Parking Pawl Actuating Rod (Serviced in Kits Only) 7D411 
152 Downshift Detent Lever 7D261 
153 9/16-18 Hex Lock Nut 380525-S 
154 Manual Valve Detent Lever (Serviced in Kits Only) 7A115 
155 Shift Valve Plate (Not Serviced Separately) 
156 Gear Selector Valve Rod 7326 
157 Downshift Lever Stop (Part of 7A100) 7D075 
158 Throttle Pressure Booster Valve Plate (Not Serviced Separately) 
159 Throttle Pressure Valve Secondary Spacer 7D227 
160 Upper Control Valve Body (Part of 7A100) 
161 Main Control Valve Body Reinforcement Plate (Part of 7A100) 
162 Main Control Valve Body Separator Plate Reinforcement (Part of 7A100) 
164 Main Control Pump Inlet Screen 7E387 
165 Valve Body Separating Plate (Part of 7A100) 
166 Valve Body Separating Plate Gasket 7D100 
167 Lower Control Valve Body (Part of 7A100) 
168 Fluid Pan Screen Gasket 7E062 
169 Fluid Screen 7A098 
170 10-24 x 1-5/8 Inch Bolt, Hex-Head (2 Req'd) 357050-S 
171 Lower Main Control Valve Body Suction Tube 7A102 
172 10-24 x 1-1/4 Inch Bolt, Hex-Head (6 Req'd) 337051-S 
173 Main Control Valve Body 7A100 
174 Fluid Pan Gasket 7A191 
175 Transmission Fluid Pan (Shallow 4x2) (Deep 4x4) 7A194 
176 Bolt 378782-S 
177 Vacuum Diaphragm O-Ring 87031


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Thanks Al for the diagrams and information on the C6. I know where the linkage is mounted on the left side of the tranny so I should be able to find it.




Back up switch wasn't the issue. When I checked the fuse it looked fairly new and no visible burns or discoloration. My Dad checked the fuse block with that fuse installed with a test light and the fuse was bad. It had separated below the metal sleeve and was not visible. New fuse got the lights working as they should.


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