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Sep 22, 2010
*For more information on gauge refurbishment please see my web site

If your gauges no longer work, if they bounce wildly or you would just like them tuned up and calibrated, I would love to help you out.

I have been refurbishing vintage gauges from various vehicles for over 15 years. I have refurbished hundreds of gauge clusters, everything from classic Broncos, Mustangs, MOPAR, vintage boats and airplanes.

The cost to refurbish a gauge cluster is $50.00 and includes the following:

1. Disassemble the Alt, Temp, fuel and oil gauges to check for function.

2. Clean all internal electrical connections.

3. Repairing any internal damage the gauge may have.

4. Oil the mechanical portion of the Electro Mechanical gauge.

5. Calibrate the needle.

6. Paint the needle with factory florescent orange ultra violet resistant paint.

7. Disassemble the Head unit.

8. Check the magnetic strength of the speedometer magnet and recharge it if necessary.

9. Remove the odometer drum.

10. Clean and oil the odometer drum.

11. Set the mileage to the desired number.

12. Check and clean the speedometer gears.

13. Apply synthetic grease to all internal gears.

14. Paint the speedometer needle with factory florescent orange ultra violet resistant paint.

15. Reset the odometer to the numbers of your choice.

16. Paint internal bezel the color of your choice.

17. Paint the exterior bezel the color of your choice.

18. Use silicone conditioner on the gasket between external bezel and the glass.

19. Replace broken glass if necessary.

I will make any of the following modification in conjunction with the refurbishment for no additional cost although you will need to pay for the parts. I will order the parts and add the cost to your final bill.

1. Ammeter to Voltmeter conversion.

2. Apply white face decals on all gauges.

3. Install luminescent gauge inserts.

4. LED bulb conversion.

5. Speedometer cable gear change to account for larger size tires. This modification is recommended if you have oversized tires and your speedometer is not accurate.

In my experience, many of the problems people experience with their gauges can be fixed without new parts. I am not quick to say the gauge is broken and just replace it. I spend between two and three hours detailing each cluster.

If all of your gauges work, or as long as I can fix the ones that are broken, the refurbishment will only cost you $50.00. If I am unable to fix a broken part, I will contact you and ask if you would like me to order a new part along with the additional cost.

After refurbishing several hundred gauges I have only come across a small percentage that were beyond repair and most of those had physical damage.

Because I don't know how much work your cluster needs without looking at it I can't give you a firm quote until I have it in my hands.

When your gauge refurb is complete I will contact you with the total cost of the refurb. The turn around time is between one and two weeks.

Please pack your gauge cluster very well and I recommend that you get the shipping insurance and value the cluster at a minimum of $200.00, the insurance costs about $4.00 and shipping is usually between $10 and $15 (you pay both ways). Please send your gauge cluster to:

Kevin Capito

1275 East Fort Union Blvd Ste# 120

Midvale, Utah 84047

When your gauge cluster is finished being refurbished I will contact you with the final amount.

I accept payment by check, money order or PayPal. If using PayPal send money to [email protected]

Also, please send me a detailed email explaining exactly what your gauges are doing or not doing. This helps me to better fix any problems it might have.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.

[email protected]


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