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Need assistance. I have a 77 Bronco that I almost done restoring with my mechanic. We installed a new frame and we are having an issue. The gearbox is not lining up as its about a couple inches off.... any suggestions? Will send pics tomorrow when I am back at the shop. Thank you.
I have read your thread on modifying the hard top. How did that work out did the top hold up? Im thing about doing the same thing.
Got the Red Bco fixed. I'm starting to think the old tps was on its way out because it drives better now.
Dang squirrels just chewed up my Taylor Spark plug wires and all 3 wires to my TPS. Took a look under the in intake plenum and saw a couple more wires with bare copper. Looks like I'll be spending my Saturday under the hood fixing rodent damage.
It's a Rough Country 6 inch lift. I didnt have to change the radius arms, even thought they were after market.

Ive had 2 offers to buy it since I did it....NO

Yo, Have you done much work on Ford Rangers? I've got a question about the electrical system.

Did some more looking the circuit isn't ground switching. I'll have to find a diagram and find where the missing part of the puzzle is. If that doesn't work then I'll wiring the features back in using new wires with fuses in them.

Hi Steve. I’m in Black Mountain NC and a local mechanic recommended I contact you, saying you’re somewhat of a guru! You seem to have some notoriety. I was hoping to ask you for some helpful information about where to look on my 93 F150 xlt for ground issues. Have a new battery and the alternator is fine, with the battery texting 14.4 volts while running. But occasionally the truck will not start, and I’ll have no electric at all. Turn the key and not a peep. I would greatly appreciat...