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May 22, 2004
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I haven't been up on this soap box in a while, so I decided to refresh the topic.

If you are going to attempt troubleshooting and fixing your own problems with your Bronco, one of the best things I can suggest is to, at the minimum, get an EVTM (Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual).  The EVTM breaks each function down and only shows you what is relative to it.  In my personal estimation, it is the single most valuable manual I have ever purchased.

Forget Haynes and Chiltons! They are only a Readers Digest version of the real thing and they leave out things that in their openion are not necessary, SAYS WHO!.  you will also get a giant headache trying to follow lines in their diagrams.

OK, where do you get them? Glad you asked.  Any day of the week you can find them on eBay.  There are sellers on eBay that have been selling automotive manuals for years.  Two simple searches should get you a list of every one that is currently available;

1. "ford bronco evtm",  with out the quotes, use lowercase (that often gets you hits that caps don't)

2. "ford bronco service manual", sometimes the listings don't include the evtm in their keywords

The second search will also result is the other service manuals that are available as well.  These are especially great for a serious wrencher to have.

The whole point of this is, these manuals are one of the most valuable invesstments you can make in your truck.  If you use them to troubleshoot and work on your truck, they will save you a lot of money from just throwing parts at it.  Maybe you will only have a one asprin headache instead of a whole bottle @-) .

If you don't find one listed for your make and year of truck, contact one or more of the sellers and ask them to be on the lookout for you.  They generally go around to dealers and buy up the old manuals the dealer nolonger wants to keep.  Also, wait a few days or a week and try the searches again.

OK, off the box.

Have a great day!


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