What Tires You Can Run With What

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Mar 27, 2005
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now, this is by no means the be-all, end-all bible for bronco tire fitment. there are all sorts of variables that come into play. This post is being created in order to cut down on the repetitive questions of what size tires can i fit with X amount of lift.

31" tires: these generally come on the truck stock. no fitment issues, no rubbing

33" tires: these WILL fit with no lift. the fit will be a touch snug, but you can either trim the edges of the bumper, or use washers as shims at the bumper mount. you can run a 3" body lift if you like to clear these tires, but its not necesary. slight rub will be encountered on the radius arms,depending on the dimensions of the rims

35" tires: these will fit with a 3" body lift at bare minimum, but its not advised for wheeling. large amounts of contact will be seen between body and tires. 4" suspension lift will provide better clearance, with a 6" suspension lift providing the optimal clearance while mainting a good center of gravity

38" tires: these can be run with 6" of lift and healthy amounts of fender trimming. its better to run around 8" of lift in order sufficiently clear these tires. once you get up into this size tire, you will be seriously taxing your stock running gear and drivetrain. a built up solid Dana 44 and rear 9" can handle this setup OK. adding a stonger rear, such as a Dana 60, is a safer option. depending on your typical wheeling enviroment, a swap to one ton running gear may be necesary to minimize breakage. for more information on this, refer to the Fullsizebronco.com message board, SAS forum.

anything bigger than 38" is going to be totally custom, and you really should upgrade to one ton stuff

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