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Feb 20, 2004
Palacios, TX
I just finished mounting PRP racing seats to my Bronco factory seat brackets, but this info may apply to mounting any seat other than a direct bolt-in replacement. The seat mounting surface on the floor is not flat, and the stock bolt holes are re-inforced with inserts. The easiest way to custom-mount seats in a 80-96 Bronco is to re-use the factory brackets that are fitted to these mounting points. Keep in mind that these brackets are weak, in my opinion, and subject to breaking especially on the front, inner driver's seat bolt mount near to the transfer case shifter. My plan is to mount these seats to a custom ladder-type subframe that will be tied into my S&W cage kit. I will fab that up after the cage install is completed.

The seats I ordered were 16" wide by 18" long at the mounting tabs that hang down from the seat frame. The stock brackets are about 15-1/2" square, with the four bolt holes for the stock seats on top. I simply used a 20" long piece of 2"x2"x1/8" angle iron to mount the seats to the stock brackets. I centered the bolt holes for the new seats at 18" centers, and 13" centers for the stock brackets with a 1" margin to the front on the angle iron. This puts the new seats slightly farther back for more leg room. I used Grade "8" hardware to mount the seats.


Passenger-side mounting bracket:

This side has the flip-up feature to allow access to the rear seat. The base is flat and easily accepted the flat angle iron. I did notch out the area at the front where the spring ends protrude slightly by the front bolt holes, but 1 or 2 flat washers between the angle iron and bracket will work. When flipped up, the seat hits the roof about 12" in front of the windshield. Be sure to check this clearance, so the seat cannot go far enough forward to contact the glass, possibly breaking it.

Driver's-side mounting bracket:

This side was a bit more work, due to the slide mechanism located on top of the bracket. The bolt holes for the passngr-side angle iron lined up the same on this side, so all i needed to do extra was allow for the slider. While 2-3 flat washers between the angle iron and bracket will work, I bent the angle iron to clear the slider control on both sides. I also welded the slider track in place after I located the seat where I wanted it, since the track was badly worn and the seat wobbled too much. With the new seat mounted and the stock bracket repaired, I have about 1" clearance between my head and the roof. The new seat also sits slightly to the left/port of the steering wheel. The stock brackets are in sad shape, so some light duty with a big hammer may straighten them out.

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