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May 20, 2020
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Hey y’all I got a 89 bronco with a worn out 302, I’m planning on putting a 351w in it, would not mind some advice, like do I need a computer from a 351? The red 91 is where the 351 is out of



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Sep 19, 2019
Hey y’all I got a 89 bronco with a worn out 302, I’m planning on putting a 351w in it, would not mind some advice, like do I need a computer from a 351? The red 91 is where the 351 is out of
Welcome. You going to make her look brand new in the future, with a new paint job?


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Oct 18, 2005
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Yo Bronco-lifer351,
Welcome and Congrats on saving the 89!
Here is some background info on a 302 (5.0) to 351 (5.8) swap.
I haven't verified all yet, but others will, I'm sure.
➡PCM (Computer) - You must get a 5.8 computer from a yard queen or rebuilder. "..Just don't get one that was on a flood damaged vehicle ;)..."
miesk5 Note, if at a yard, after removing it, open it up and inspect for leaking capacitors, etc. Here are some PCM KILLER perpetrators and other causes:
Old leaky capacitors, EEC IV Capacitor Replacement in a 90 by member seedpress @

Also inspect for burnt resistors, etc.
Smell around the PCM. If it smells like dead fish, it's bad.
Bad Intel 8061 chip or bad Intel 8361 memory chip
Bad Internal Voltage Regulator, see by Ryan M
Burned PCM printed circuit board circuits (brown burn marks).
Water damage from cowl leaks, ESPECIALLY if you you have wet carpet or mat near driver kick panel;
or on PCM Connector due to a bad hood seal near cowl panel, viewable with hood up.
Overheated PCM.
This may not help you, but just in case;
➡5.0 to 5.8 Swap Computer Solution in an 88
Source: by urban_cowboy at
302EFI to 351EFI swap Computer Solution - Ford Bronco Forum
"...5.0 & 5.8... " use different exhaust tubes to connect the EGR to the exhaust.
The 5.0 gets exhaust from the lower intake, while the 5.8 gets exhaust from the passanger exhaust manifold.
Lower Intake Manifolds are Different:
5.0 is approx ~ 8 inches wide
5.8 is apporx ~ 11 inches wide
Upper and lower, the gasket pattern is diffrent from 5.0/5.8. So you can't mix an upper and lower between the two. The 5.0 uses squared ports and the 5.8 uses oval ports. If you get an intake from a junk yard it will have the matching fuel rail." by Ryan M.
See more info & pics by Ryan M

sackman9975 wrote, "you won't be able to use the intake from the 302 on the 351 because it won't fit. The 351 has a wider deck. You would have to find a complete system from a 351 donor truck to make it work. Computer, intakes, wiring are the start of what you'll need. Then exhaust y pipe too."
Fuel Rail: The 5.0 is a wider engine so the fuel rail is wider. You can get this with the intake from the junkyard. Some people have cut the nylon tubing off the 5.0 fuel rail and used EFI fuel hose to make it wider. miesk5 note, I believe Jeffs Bronco Graveyard or NAPA, etc may have it.
Distributor - the 5.0/5.8 distributors look the same but... The difference between them are the oil pump drive is larger on the 5.8.
"The distributor has a fatter shaft. You can obtain one from a 351W powered FI truck (if you are using FI) or any late 70's/early 80's car using the 351W and a Duraspark system if you are going to build a non-efi car." & "Get new motor mounts. If your mounts are questionable already, the additional weight of the 351W will make them fail in a hurry." & "The internal balance of a 351W is the same as pre-81 302's (28.2 oz). The 5.0 HO has a 50 oz. unbalance, which means you cannot use the flexplate/flywheel or the harmanic balancer off of an HO engine. You have to get the correct pieces from a dealer/junkyard."
The deck height is higher, which means you need a different intake, since the 351W intake is wider. A 5.0 Upper will bolt to a 351W lower.
by Mike at
Flexplates are Different according to ATP. But, both 5.0 & 5.8 have 164 teeth and are 14.23" in Diameter.

Exhaust Crossover - "The 5.8 is a wider engine so to connect to the exhaust manifold you'll need a wider corssover. There are a few options to acomplish this. The stock crossover's are part of the first converter, so it is an expensive part to buy new. You can get it used, or have an exhaust shop build you something custom. remember to keep O2 sensor and install it about 6-12" away from the cylinder head." by Ryan M.
➡More swap info by Ryan M @
Includes for example; "...They both use the same throttle body and EGR valve; You can use your original engine harness, so be very carefull with it as you remove the old engine. If you had a 302 you DO NOT need to make any modifications to the harness;
Fuel Pressure Regulator is same.
Need firing orders?
5.0 to 5.8 Swap Pics in an 86
Source: by Gacknar (Jeremy, Big grey megga beast) at 1986 Ford Bronco 302 to 5.8 swap pictures, videos, and sounds |
He shows this;
5.8, bored 30 over, Crank polished, factory connecting rods, Speed-Pro power forged pistons (844-L2446F30),
Performance speacialtys Harmonic Balancer., The block has been decked (dont remember how much) And It's been balanced, It is suposed to deliver 9.5 to 1 compresion with a 64cc head.
GT-40 ”X” heads (M-6049-X303), Crane Cams “PowerMax” cam (cam + lifter #443902), Crane Cams double roller timing chain set (44993-1) , Crane Cams valve springs (99833-16)
Ford Racing roller rockers (M-6564-B351) , Ford Racing rocker arm shim kit (M-6529-A302) , Ford Racing push rods (M-6565-M332)
Melling standard pressure/standard volume oil pump (M83) , ARP oil pump drive shaft (154-7901)
ARP head bolts (154-3603)
Edelbrock performer 351w lower intake. (3834)
ARP Intake bolts (154-2001)
BBK 351w truck headers (35110)
Stage 8 locking header bolts (8913A)
Performance speacialtys Harmonic Balancer. (price included in short block)
351w to AOD flex plate. (Motermite # 04352) $41.88 @ Advance Autoparts
Ford Racing Tall Valve Covers (FMS-M-6582-E302P)
Accel 300+ Ferro-Spiral Race Wire Sets (acc-7040)
BBK 70mm Throttle Bodie (BBK-1501)
BBK 70mm EGR Plate (BBK-1502)
Edelbrock Performer 5.0 EFI upper Intake Manifold (EDL-3822)
Trick Flow EFI Heat Spacer Kit (TFS-51520014)
AOD with Trans-go shift kit and TCI super overdrive servo.
BW 1356 manual shift TC &

5.0 to 5.8 Swap Pics in an 87
Source: by Joey S (Nacho, Stokes, Larry, Stoked) at 1987 Ford Bronco Motor Swap pictures, videos, and sounds |
Stokes shows why he needed the correct A/C pump and 5.8 bracket.
Stokes has more info @

1989 Ford Brono EVTM, Emissions (yellowish/red book cover) & Pre-Delivery Manuals, Partial via mrnewland1 in Google Drive @
1989 Service manual - Google Drive
Slow scrolling, so download for faster viewing and to see the table of contents, the search feature, etc.

1989 Ford Bronco Dealer Brochure

1989 Bronco Lubricant Specifications by Ford via Gary

Register with VIN to see most VERY OLD (😎) Ford dealer maintenance/repairs done @ any dealership nation-wide @ Welcome to Ford Owner | Official Ford Owner Site


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