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Aug 6, 2020
white rock BC
Hi I am new here but not a new Bronco owner and I do not have a new Bronco. Mine is a 1996 full size and I have had some bigger tires on it for ten years that I am told did a bit of damage and it is time to fix the old beast up and I am at the stage where new tires need to be chosen. I find the sequence of numbers confusing. I had size tires on it and they rubbed on the front bumper and basically caused me trouble when driving high speeds etc. I have a six inch lift which is being replaced with a super duty lift and the tires I am told ned to be size 38. Does anyone have any insight as to the whole size that I need including rims and whatnot because I am not sure what to tell the guy at the tire shop I am ordering from and I feel like a dumb ass. I am gonna admit I am not going to 4x4 my truck any more as I do not have a mechanic at my fingertips anymore and it is to much to deal with. S tires just need to be for all terrain or street driving and that means I could have bigger rims as well am I right? Any suggestions or advice or links to tires you think will be good for me I so appreciate your help.


Jul 22, 2020
Are you changing axles? Or just the lift?

If you are changing axles, you will probably need new rims.
If you are keeping the old axles what size rims do you currently have?
Or we can figure it out if you give us the tire size currently on the truck. it may read something like 31x10.50R15 or 285/75 15 (just and example)

Sounds like you are looking for a 38 inch tire?

Here are some options just to help you shop. Once you determine your tire size there are lots of places to shop for the best deal.

Is tire noise a big concern of yours? The more aggressive the tread, typically the more noise you get. Sometimes it will affect ride as well.

Big tires like that can be hard to balance and you may end up having to live with some shaking and vibration at highway speeds.

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