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Sep 7, 2007
I am the guy with the 95 xlt 5.8 auto thta is stuck in Cabo San Lucas. I ran the KOEO test , and it came back negative. The CM test came back with a "Keep Alive Memory" code. The book tells me to fix all the trouble codes before I do the engine running test. Anybody know what to do about this code?



96 Bronco 5.0
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Oct 18, 2005
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The Keep Alive Memory (KAM) within the processor must always have voltage supplied to it. This voltage is supplied by the Keep Alive Power (KAPWR) circuit (Pin 1) that connects directly to the battery. KAM contains adaptive parameter tables that allow the processor to adapt to different operating requirements. It also contains the Continuous Memory codes. Continuous Memory codes will be erased any time KAPWR is disconnected (i.e. battery disconnected, processor disconnected, breakout box installed, open in the wire, etc.). If KAM fails within the processor, all Continuous codes will also be erased.


Powertrain Control Module KAM Test Error Indicates the PCM has experienced an internal memory fault. However there are external items that can cause this DTC. Reprogramming

Battery terminal corrosion

KAPWR to PCM interrupt/open

Loose battery connection

Damaged PCM (less likely)

...basically, if the truck is running fine, don't worry.

Now, in my 96 and in many Ford vehicles, a Code Reader Will NOT Power up; 96 Bronco & all Ford; Check the fuse for the cigarette lighter. It is shared with the OBDII connector power and is commonly blown due to bad wire routing around ash tray framework by Ford! or by shorted/high amp draw by Lighter element.

EDIT; forgot a major thAng, sorry, got caught up in multi tasking;

Clearing Keep Alive Memory:

To clear the KAM, disconnect the battery negative terminal for five minutes or more (preferably 15 minutes).

Adaptive Strategy Relearn Procedure:

After repairs have been made and the KAM cleared drive the vehicle for at least ten miles to allow the PCM to relearn the values for optimum performance.

Note: During the ten mile relearn drive, the vehicle may exhibit some driveability symptoms. These should be eliminated when the KAM has relearned the operating values.

If I confused you, sorry, ask again.

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