just bought an 82 what is stock?

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Jul 18, 2010
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steering stabilizer with a shock in the middle? are these stock or after market? the steering stabilizer was not tight on one side and appears to be newer hardware so figure it is after market. also where can I find the enigine block number to see if the motor is the one that came with the truck? Thanks for any info. Lookin for to Buckin around!



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Oct 18, 2005
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yo Wayne,


I have to Roll; will bbl to add more........

Some info for you;

It prob has the quad shocks as built; see below;

Steering Stab;


Casting Numbers...

hard to say if engine is original w/em but it is probable that if the # does correspond to 82 year and Bronco as shown below and matched head and eng bock numbers then figure it's orig. Seen many car engines in Broncos etc. tho

302 V-8 Block - The casting number is located where the starter bolts up to the bell housing. Removal of the starter is necessary to see the number

The casting number on the small block V8 is behind the starter.

It would read E for the decade (1982)

T for All truck 1958-65; light and medium truck including Bronco 1974-82; light truck and Bronco I 1983-later

E (probably) for Engine Engineering; Powertrain and Chassis product Engineering

Overview, Legend & Location by reincarnation-automotive.com

Casting and Part Numbers

and also see Overview & Legend from 40 to 80's by gearheadracing.com via web.archive

"...Part numbers and casting numbers are pretty much the same when it comes to "hard parts". Those are those big long codes (C7ZZ-6540544-DR, etc) that you find that identify every Ford part made. Many parts are too small to have the number cast or printed on it, but it still has a casting number. These numbers tell you what that part was originally designed for, what department designed it, and when it was designed. People are often confused by looking at a part or casting number. Just because a part was originally made for a Falcon doesn't mean the part came off of a Falcon. Many Mustang parts were originally designed for the Falcon and carry a Falcon casting number. Ford is famous for using parts designed for one car on a variety of models.

A basic part number is included within the casting number and indicates what the part is, not what it was made for, or when it was made. An example could be a master cylinder - most master cylinders have a basic part number of 2140, but there a number of different master cylinders for different Ford vehicles. They all are master cylinders however, and share a basic part number..."

See carb info there too; and look in my broncolinks.com site to ID da carb; Fuel section, Carb.. read thru

Here is a neat source to ID; http://www.ponycarburetors.com/default.asp?page=identification

History, 78-96 Bronco; Ford Truckin' Magazine; 1997 winter issue

Source: by Trent R via http://4wheeldrive.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.angelfire.com%2Fwv%2Ffordbroncos%2FHistory.html

The 1978-79 Broncos were offered with a T-18 granny four-speed transmission as standard equipment, a three-speed automatic was optional. The standard transfer case was a manual unit that featured a 1.92:1 low range, a full-time transfer case was optional. The differentials sported 3.50:1 gears and front disc brakes were now standard. The new Bronco came with a 351 cid V-8, the 400 cid powerplant could be special ordered. Both engines featured 2-bbl carburation. Several options were introduced with the new Broncos such as a 32 gallon fuel tank (standard was 25 gallons), intermittent wipers, air conditioning, cruise control and quad front shocks.

In 1980 Ford upgraded the Bronco to the new Twin Traction Beam IFS front suspension and restyled the body. This new suspension offered a better ride and more terrain compliance on rough terrain. With an eye on the off-road use the Bronco was built for, Ford upgraded the transfer case to a New Process 208 with a 2.61:1 low range. This new transfer case was also better sealed against the elements. The standard motor for the Bronco was now the venerable 300 cid I-6 in all states except California where the 302 cid V-8 was standard. Optional engines were the 302 cid and 351 cid V-8s. All engines featured 2-bbl carburetion. 1980 also saw the introduction of 3.00:1 as well as the 3.50:1 gearing. Automatic locking hubs were now optional on the Bronco. The restyling increased front leg room by one inch while decreasing the Bronco's exterior dimensions. The 1980 Bronco was 2.7 inches shorter in the front end and 1.1 inches narrower than the previous year. Wind drag was reduced by 25% and a new grille featured rectangular headlamps.

For 1981 and '82 the Bronco was essentially the same. Upgrades for these years included the introduction of an overdrive manual four-speed transmission that featured a .71:1 fourth gear. This new transmission deleted the granny gear in first in favor of better highway performance. The motor options remained the same. The 300 cid I-6 was standard for the 49 states and could be had with both granny or overdrive manual four-speed transmissions. The 302 cid V-8 was standard in California and optional in all other states. The 302 cid motor could be ordered with both four-speed manual transmissions as well as a C-6 three-speed auto (in California you could only get the C-6). The 351 cid motor was also available as an option with all three transmissions for the 49 states. In California the 351 cid was available only with the four-speed overdrive manual transmission or the C-6 automatic. The automatic transmission option required 3.50:1 gearing in California. In 1981 automatic locking hubs were made standard equipment and a snow plow prep package was offered as an option..." READ MORE at the site


Build Sheet Information (Ford 999 Report); Ford's build sheet reply letter w/original build date, optional equipt., axle ratio, paint color, etc. & Build Sheet; Example of an 85 Source: by equivalent (Beetlejuice) at SuperMotors.net

Build Sheet (Ford 999 Report) Request Telephone Number 1-800-392-3673

expect it in a month or so from call; unless that Group is now gone due to cut-backs at HQ...


Identification Based on VIN, Door Jamb Label, Build Sheet (Ford 999 Report), Paint Color Code, VECI Label, Transmission/Differential Pan & Gasket Sizes/Shapes, etc.; "... made a mistake 15 years ago by telling someone to use the Driver's side label to ID their Rear Differential (axle, pumpkin type, etc.); turned out that a previous owner had swapped a Dana 60 in place of the stock 8.8..." Source: by miesk5 at Ford Bronco Zone Forums

I have to update all that stuff for your 82 because of changes thru the yrs;

Door Jamb Label (Data Plate, also referred to as the Patent Plate & the Warranty Plate) pic for an 83 Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at SuperMotors.net


Trans Code A is a NP-435; K is a C6

Axle H8 is Ford axle 8.8 3.08 ratio limited slip (3800 pound)

Ford Rear axle codes used from 1981-1986

13- Ford 9" 2.75 ratio 1981-83

13- Ford 8.8 4.11 ratio 1985-86

H3- Ford 9" ls 2.75 ratio 1981-82

H3- Ford 8.8 axle 4.11 ratio with limited slip 1985-86 (3800 pound)

14- Ford 9" 3.00 1981-1986

H4- Ford 9" 3.00 Limited slip diff 1981-86

15- Ford 9" 3.25 1981-82 and 2.73 in 1983

H5-Ford 9" 3.25 limited slip 1981-82 and 2.73 in 1983

16- Ford 9" axle 3.50 ratio (3750 pound)verified

H6- Ford 9" axle 3.50 ratio with limited slip (3750 pound)verified

18- Ford axle 8.8 3.08 ratio (3800 pound) 1983-86verified

H8- Ford axle 8.8 3.08 ratio limited slip (3800 pound) 1983-86verified

19- Ford axle 8.8 3.55 ratio (3800 pound) 1983-86verified

H9- Ford axle 8.8 3.55 ratio with limited slip (3800 pound) 1983-86verified

23- Dana 60-3 axle 3.54 ratioverified

24- Dana 60-3 axle 3.73 ratio verified

29- Ford Semi Float Sterling 10.25, 3.55 ratio

B9- Ford semi Float Sterling 10.25, 3.55 ratio limited slip diff

B5-Ford semi Float Sterling 10.25, 4.10 ratio limited slip diff

39- Ford full float Sterling 10.25 3.55 (single rear wheel)

C9- Ford full float Sterling 10.25 3.55 (single rear wheel) with limited slip diff

35- Ford full float Sterling 10.25 4.10 (single rear wheel)

C5- Ford full float Sterling 10.25 4.10 (single rear wheel) with limed slip diff

33- Dana 61-1 3.54 ratioverified

C2- Dana 61-1 3.54 ratio with limited slip diffverified

C7- Dana 60 with a 3.54:1 ratio used in F250 in 1981-83 verified

52- Dana 70-1 HD 4.10 ratio (8700 rating)verified

53- Dana 70-1 HD 3.54 ratio from 1983-86 (4.56 in 1982) (7400 rating)verified

E2- Dana 70-1 Hd 4.10 ratio with limited slip diffverified

49- Ford Sterling 10.25 dual rear wheel 3.55 ratio (7400 rating)verified

D5- Ford Sterling 10.25 dual rear wheel 4.10 with limited slip diff (7400 rating)

69- Ford Ford Sterling 10.25 dual rear wheel 3.55 ratio (8250 rating)

F5- Ford Ford Sterling 10.25 dual rear wheel 4.10 ratio limited slip (8250 rating)

Paint Code Ext is 9Y, Med Walnut Met


VIN Decoder Chart for 81-86 & 87-96 Bronco & Ford Trucks BEST! Source: by lmctruck.com

also go thru this for your 82;

FORD PICKUP TRUCK RED BOOK, 1946-93 Model Year Including Bronco, Ranger, etc. Overview w/Changes, Some Years w/Pics, GVW, Body, Engine, Transmission & Rear Axle Codes, Exterior Body & Interior Trim Color Codes, MSRP, Optional Equipment & Prices; Appendix A contains Overviews & Examples of; Warranty & Rating Plates, Build Date Stamp, Casting Dates & Manufacturing dates, Sheet Metal Date Codes, District Codes (DSOs), Assembly Plant Codes & Production Date Codes. Also includes F-SERIES TRUCK PRODUCTION FIGURES for 1946-79 including Bronco for 78-79 Source: by Peter C. Sessler via customautobrakes.com


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Oct 18, 2005
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Now I can open up that Red Book!

Heare are just a FEW EXCERPTS; see the site for much more info; most of the rest is for F series but good for yard searches of diffs, opt. equipt, etc.

Shocks, quad front & HD rear $117.00

Strg Stab ? Prob. aftermarket?

Chapter 37- 1982 Ford Truck


Bronco 40,782






IFT-Ford Motor Co. Truck Complete, 1FD-Ford Motor

Co. Truck incomplete, 1FC- Ford Motor Co. Truck Stripped


H-Hydraulic Brakes Class: A-Class A not greater than 3,000 lbs.,

B-class B 3,000-4,000 lbs., C-class C-4,001-5,000 lbs.,D-

class D 5,001-6,000 lbs., E-class E 6,001-7,000 lbs., F-class

F-7,001-8,000 lbs., G-class G 8,001-9,000 lbs.,

H-class G 8,501-9,000 lbs., J-class H 9,001-10,000 lbs.,

K-class 3 10,001-14,000 lbs.

F15-Model Series: F10-F100, F14-F150 4x4,F15-F150, F25-F250,

F26-F250 4x4, F27-F250 Chassis-cab, F28-F250 Chassis-cab 4x4,

F35-F350, F36-F350 4x4, F37-F350 Chassis-cab, F38-F350

Chassis-cab 4x4, U15-Bronco, X14-F150 SuperCab 4x4, X15-

F150 SuperCab, X25-F250 SuperCab, X26-F250 SuperCab 4x4

X35-F350 SuperCab

F-Engine code:D-4.2L V-8, E-4.9L I-6, F-5.0L V-8, G-5.8L V-8

Z-6.6L V-8, O-DSO, 9-4.9L I-6 LPG Conversion

X-Check digit, which varies

C-Model year, C-1982

L-Assembly Plant, see appendix

A00001-Numerical sequence of assembl



D - 255 c.i. V-8 2bbl

E - 300 c.i. I-6 1bbl 117hp

F - 302 c.i. V-8 2bbl 154hp

G - 351 c.i. V-8 2bbl 161-165hp

Z - 400 c.i. V-8 2bbl 167-177hp



Four speed manual A

Four speed manual overdrive B

Three speed manual C

Four speed manual F

Three speed automatic (C-6) G

Three speed automatic (C-4) J

Three speed automatic (C-6) K

Three speed automatic (C-5) W

Three speed automatic (C-6) Z



2.47:1 H7,07

2.75:1 01,H3

3.00:1 C2,H4,02

3.25:1 H5,04,

3.33:1 B5,

3.50:1 H6,

3.54:1 B7,C7,D1

3.73:1 C6,D6

4.10:1 C1,D3,D7,

PRICES & OPTIONS-As of June 1, 1982

Bronco Wagon $10,427.55


4.2L(255 c.i.) V-8 73.20

5.0L(302 c.i.) V-8 120.00

5.8L(351 c.i.) V-8 351.10-588.80

6.6L(400 c.i.) V-8 75.70-634.50

F-100 FS(Fuel Saver)w/3-speed man.368.20

F-100 FS w/four-speed man. od. 530.40

Four speed manual transmission 198.00

Four speed manual overdrive 273.00

SelectShift automatic 450.20-467.20

Automatic Overdrive 649.10

Optional axle ratios 41.10

Traction-Lok rear axle 217.00

Oil cooler, auxiliary 55.00

XL Package 259.50-480.00

XLT Lariat 542.90-611.20

XLS 737.80

Air Cleaner, heavy duty 19.30

Air conditioning 680.60

Alternator, 60 amp 58.00

Battery, heavy duty 45.00

Battery, auxiliary 118.00-163.00

Box rails 88.00

Brakes, manual (delete) (86.60)

Brakes, power(F-100) 86.60

Bumper rear, Chrome 97.00

Bumper rear, Step Black 43.00

Bumper rear, Step Argent 106.00

Bumper rear, Step Chrome 177.00

Camper Special Package 249.90-456.00

Clearance Lights, roof 46.00

Clock, electronic digital 78.80

Console 110.40

Convenience Group 48.00-112.00

Cooling, Extra Engine 48.00

Cooling, Super Engine 82.90-131.00

Door locks, power 115.00

Exterior Sound Package 12.20

Floor Mat, color keyed (in lieu of

carpet, F-100/F-150 w/XLS NC

Fuel tank, aft of axle 97.20

Fuel tank, auxiliary 208.00

Gauges, ammeter & Oil pressure 34.00

Glass tinted, complete 26.70-51.00

Grille, chrome 52.40

Handling Package 107.70-192.90

Headliner 90.50

Heater, engine block, single 29.60

Heater, engine block, dual 59.30

Heater, high output 28.90

Horns, dual electric 16.60

Hubs, automatic locking 80.50

Instrumentation, Sports 86.60-120.60

Light Group 114.90-133.20

Lighter, cigarette 28.00

Lock Group, Security 48.80-59.50

Maximum front GAWR 14.00

Mirrors, Bright low-mount

recreation swing-away 86.00

Mirrors, bright low-mount

Western swing-away 78.00

Mirrors, Bright swing out recreation 80.00

Mirrors, Electric Remote

control Swing-Away 164.60

Mirrors, not included (12.20)

Moldings, lower body vinyl insert 165.10

Moldings, wheelip, 38.00

Paint, optional Glow 73.80

Paint, Tu-Tone, Regular 69.00

Paint, Tu-Tone, Deluxe 124.60-343.40

Paint, Tu-Tone Regular & Deluxe 161.70-404.90

Paint, Tu-Tone Victoria 211.20-430.00

Protection Group, Exterior 87.70

Radio, AM w/F-100 S 61.00

Radio, AM/FM Monaural 51.00

Radio, AM/FM Stereo 134.00

Radio AM/FM Stereo w/Cassette 235.00

Radio AM/FM Stereo w/8-Track 230.00

Radio, Credit Option (61.00)

Seat rear, Bench SuperCab 302.40

Seat rear, Jump, SuperCab 211.70

Seats, Captain's Chairs 438.20

Shocks, HD front & rear 31.00

Shocks, quad front & HD rear 117.00

Skid Plates 84.00-154.00

Snow Plow Special Package-Base 57.00-642.00

Snow Plow Special Package-Plus 124.90-789.00

Spare tire carrier, In-box 27.00

Spare tire carrier, slide out 39.00

Speed control, fingertip 179.40

Springs, rear auxiliary 39.80-89.30

Springs, heavy duty front 14.00-53.00

Springs, heavy duty rear 15.00-51.00

Stabilizer bar, front/rear 62.00

Steering, power 237.70

Steering wheel, Tilt 95.00

Suspension Package, HD front 45.00-148.90

Suspension Package A, HD Front 45.00

Suspension Package B, HD Front 634.00-675.00

Tape stripes, Accent 83.50

Tape stripes, Chromatic 257.40-438.20

Tape Stripes, Tri-Color 120.50-301.20

Tool Box 39.30-86.20

Tow Hooks, front 34.00

Trailer towing package, HD 232.20-480.60

Wheel covers, Deluxe 38.00-110.70

Wheel covers, Sport 86.30-107.10

Wheels, Forged Cast Aluminum 189.00-410.70

Wheels, Forged Cast Aluminum Spare 97.60

Wheels, Argent Styled Steel 252.90-273.70

Wheels, Argent Styled Steel Spare 50.20

Wheels, Styled Steel White 201.00-221.70

Wheels, Styled Steel White, Apare 50.20

Window, sliding rear 113.30

Windows, Power 166.00

XL Exterior Trim Components 94.60


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