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Jun 2, 2020
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Has any one tried a jet Performance chip it makes some wiled claims , but i have used others in the past with some gains in hp and torque.


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Nov 25, 2012
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Never have touched one. Looks like snake oil to me.


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Oct 18, 2005
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I recommend a TwEECer

Overview, Forums, Downloads, etc.; "...The TwEECer is an adapter which connects to the J3 service port of a Ford EEC PCM, giving you the ability to substitute parameters in the calibration data with parameters that match the modifications which you have made to your engine..." read more

Source: by tweecer @

TwEECer Installation

Source: by Ryan M (Fireguy50) at

We have a thread on this here @; here is my reply for now;

Some comments on Chips by 2 people who know more about the Ford EEC system than anyone I have ever met or worked with;

by Sig; "...They're garbage unless they're done with YOUR vehicle on a dynamometer and an experienced tuner. The plug & go style don't do anything you can't do yourself for next to nothing. The only after-market tuning devices worth considering are the Quarter Horse and the twEECER, but only after SIGNIFICANT modifications have been made, and to the point that the factory programming can't keep up.

don't even bother with the PCM's programming until you've reached the point that it's absolutely necessary to do it. That level of modification won't be seen until the heads, intake, exhaust, and cam are changed..."


by Ryan M; "...Ford programming has been better than any other manufacturer for years. this is why GM aftermarket computer tuning is more popular. ford computers can do more in the stock form. And you engine is no where near exceding the stock computer at this time.


There are several ways to get a different engine and program. But the best way will require a new mustang computer, MAF sensor, wiring harness, and a chip tuner.

Computer: $100 - $300

MAF sensor: $100 - $200

Wiring: free junkyarding - $700

Chip: $400 - $750

Cheapest way to do it would be eBay hunting and you're still looking at $500+ for everything you'd need.

So from a dollar stand point your ...truck engine does not have enough perfromance potential to justfy the cost.

Honestly I can't really justify my own computers cost. I have spent just over a grand on MAF computer hardware.

This is one of my web sites that talks about EFI perfromance add on's. Not all of my pages are working because Taco, Pepe, and me are trying to upgrade my sorry *** excuse for a web site

There are some BS chips out there.

Any "chip" that plugs inbetween the harness and computer is nothing but trouble.

Any "chip" that hate's the word chip and wants to be called a "programable module" is probable the real deal. I don't have a "chip," I have an AutoLogic module. It plugs into the back of the computer on the J3 port

When a Module plugs into the J3 port, It substituts values within the stock Ford program.

can anybody guess what comes next ???

Ford's EFI programmign is so good, we keep it, we simply tell it the truth. Chips between the harness and computer lie to the computer. Lieing is bad, computer will do the wrong stuff and you won't be happy. Plug into the J3 and tell the computer the truthfull values, like injector size, engine displacement, ect and both computer and driver will be HAPPY..."

Hypertech Power Module Review in a 94
Source: by Stephen R at via
"...The next modification to the Bronco was going to be ignition work. Although the Ford ignition system worked just fine, I had read several reports about new "computer modules", so I read some specification sheets, and ordered the Hypertech Power Module, the Hypertech Power-Stat, and the Hypertech Modified Octane Bar for the distributor. I'm really not too sure this was such a great idea. I noticed no improvement in power, speed, acceleration or anything... except for the gas pump. No I didn't get more MPG, I had to switch from 87-octane gasoline to 91-octane. (The Bronco doesn't run worth a damn when I use 87-octane!) As for the Power-Stat, ****, it's just a plain old thermostat that opens about 40-degrees sooner than the factory job. What it does is make the Bronco run richer and cooler, fooling the Ford computer. WHOOP-EE!!


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Jun 22, 2020
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Gainesville, GA
I use to sell Jet Chips back in the day. The ones we sold were piggy back style chips for most vehicles and generally added 9-12 hsp. Never really had any issues out of them, they weren't big performance adders but they were easy to install and never had any problems with them.


Dec 23, 2019
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Lincoln, CA
I had a Hypertech module for my 2000 Camaro Z28. Took it to the drag strip after I had installed their modified program and the car actually ran slower in the quarter mile. I removed the Hypertech tune and left the shifts at 100% (much harder than stock) and increased the max shift points by about 300 rpm, risking my pushrods. I ran it like that for a long time and sold the unit along with the car many years later. Aside from the hard shifts, which allegedly improves transmission clutch life, never felt a seat of the pants difference in how the car performed. I really believe all these bolt on h.p. improvements are basically snake oil. That includes most of the CAI setups.

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