HID headlight conversion

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Jan 13, 2009
I ordered my kit from www.ddmtuning.com

I have their kits on all my vehicles. I will never go back to halogen bulbs again. I run near pure white, but you can order deep yellow to purple.

Currently I'm running 55w kit in the bronco headlights. I orig. Had these in my hella 500s offroad lights. I wanted to see how much brighter they would be than 35w. In testing, I accidentally burnt out a ballast with a wrong way current. So I switched both lights to 55w. I have my new hid kit in the garage for my offroad lamps, just no time to install

If I remember correctly I ordered 9007bulbs. 9004 and 9007 are the same connection, just wires setup differently.

just have to see what bulb size the bronco uses (see your manual) and plug the wires in the supplied connector. No tools required, they just pop into a blue plug. Easy.

My 35w kit was 8000k. White with a hint of blue. My 55w kit was also 8000k. I bought it to see how much more white it be. They turned out to be pure white. However on white concrete you can see a slight blue on the edges.

6000k in both watts will be as close to white as you can get.

Last I checked, the slim ballasts (digital and easier to place) were $40 plus $12 shipping. If you get 55w they charge $10 I think.

Bulbs ($15 for replacement bulbs) work both with 35w and 55w kits. No need to worry about upgrading bulbs in future if you upgrade or downgrade ballasts.

Also, very important!! Adjust your headlights properly!! I have only been flashed a couple times in a couple years. Before I got flashed more with halogens. I think though my lights were aimed a little higher.

Also, you will loose your hi-beams. I have never needed them. My hids do great in the city and back country (camping for a week at a time, traveling to an from at night). However I did see a video on YouTube with a bronco with a hi/low kit. It looked like it worked well. I'm going to try them sometime. Mygirlfriend has the kit in her car and they don't work with her lens. I'll report when I try em.

Check out YouTube for my video, 6000k hids in snow part 2

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