HELP! 1994 Bronco lights flashing/horn honking



Long story short, I left my lights on one night, and the next morning my 1994 Bronco (5.0 XLT) battery was dead.

The next day, I jumped the battery and when I tried to turn it on... nothing, other than outer/inner lights, radio, etc worked.  It didn't click when I turned the key, but sounded like it was trying to get power to the solenoid.

To add to that, the horn started chirping what sounded like morse code and the lights flashed for about 30 seconds... then stopped.  Every time I open the door, or turn the key, this happens.

I've tested the battery... it PASSED... tested the starter... it PASSED.... replaced the starter solenoid (it passed too).  And both the starter solenoid AND the starter are getting power.

The starter lock assembly does turn all the way around when the key is not in it...  It has no aftermarket alarm system that I (or the previous owner) know of...

Any ideas out there as to what is going on and/or what to test?



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Oct 18, 2005
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Yo CrashCrad88,


 Ignition Key CYLINDER is spinning due to Drive Gear (last tooth on drive gear isn't engaged (last notch) on columns actuator)..

Part #73 Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder 11582Part #70 Steering Column Lock Gear 3E717 or 64 Steering Column Lock Lever Upper Actuator 3E723 (with roll pin, not shown) is stripped

Lock Cylinder Replacement in a 94 (from Bronco, F-Super Duty Chassis Manual); "...To install ignition cylinder use steps 1-6 on the left column...) Source: by Ken B (Kenny's 94) at
●NOTE: Accessories such as radio, starter, etc. that fail to operate with the key in RUN, or that remain on when the key is turned off, may be the result of a misadjusted ignition switch rather than a malfunctioning ignition switch.

Disconnect battery ground cable.

  1. NOTE: A new replacement ignition switch (11572) assembly will be set in the RUN position as received.

    Adjust the ignition switch by sliding the carrier to the RUN position.
  1. Make sure the ignition switch lock cylinder (11582) is in the RUN position. The RUN position is achieved by rotating the ignition switch lock cylinder approximately 90 degrees from the LOCK position.
  1. Install the ignition switch into the column actuator hole. It may be necessary to move the ignition switch back and forth slightly to align the ignition switch mounting holes with the lock cylinder housing threaded holes.
  1. Install retaining screws. Tighten to 6-8 Nm (53-71 lb-in).
  1. Connect the electrical connector to the ignition switch. Tighten lock screw to 0.8-1.3 Nm (7-11.5 lb-in).
  1. Connect battery ground cable (14301). Check ignition switch for proper function, including START and ACC positions. Also, make sure the column is in the LOCK position.
●Does ignition Key have the usual spring back from Start to Run?The ignition switch, mounted inside column's shroud is where the spring-back is provided, but the actuator(s) is often damaged. Ensure switch is securely mounted first.Ignition Actuator Removal in a 95 w/Tilt; "...Symptoms of the problem before tearing into the steering column was that I could start the truck, but not shut it off. The key was easily turned without any normal resistance/spring to it and all accessories had power with the key in any position. The rest is pretty simple though. All reverse of installation..." Source: by KC200787 @ Steering column teardown and ignition actuator replacement in a 1995 (92+ Columns) - FSB Forums

Test the ignition system key cylinder mechanical operation by rotating the ignition switch lock cylinder through all positions of the ignition switch. The movement should feel smooth with no sticking or binding. The ignition system should return from the START position back to the ON position without assistance (spring return). If sticking or binding is encountered, check for the following:burrs on the ignition switch lock cylinderbinding ignition switch lock cylindershroud rubbing against ignition switch lock cylinderburrs or foreign material around the rack-and-pinion actuator in the housing of the ignition switch lock cylinderinsufficient lube on actuatorbinding ignition switch

Was speed control, if equipped, recall work completed by a dealership? Call local dealer or register and view status @; or @ ... have VIN ready. "Summary: ON CERTAIN PICKUP TRUCKS, PASSENGER VEHICLES, SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES, AND MOTOR HOMES CHASSIS, THE SPEED CONTROL DEACTIVATION SWITCH MAY, UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS, LEAK INTERNALLY AND THEN OVERHEAT, SMOKE, OR BURN. THIS COULD RESULT IN AN UNDERHOOD FIRE."To confirm current status, use this guide by jowens1126 @ that the 93 recall is different than 94-96

1994 Bronco Brochure, Partial; Cover & Page 3; plus pics of EDDIE BAUER model accessories. by BigRob at 1994 Ford Bronco Bronco Accessories pictures, videos, and sounds | SuperMotors.netFree registration for some wiring diagrams (86 through 96) and Technical Service Bulletins, (80 through 96), same as by Ford @ BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products | TSB's & Wiring Diagrams



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