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Oct 6, 2012
Houston, Texas
I have just returned from the island of Chandelier.
What am I doing in town?
Well, I'm glad you asked.
I'm just passing through in search of the ever elusive...

“Is there one circuit that controls the fuel pump and coil? I’m wondering if my ignition switch took a dump it’s been messed up since I bought it, even bent a key a couple years ago or something else? What does that security module do? I learned the first year it won’t run without it😎! I have no spark and no pump today.

Thankfully it decided to do it while it was warming up yesterday. But I heard (possibly it’s last?) pump up with key on, of course the tank is full, if it’s a pump. I’ll look in the manual later, but the vast knowledge here makes it easier to ask.

Please and thank you!

I do have a new used ride, my newly traveled daily 135 miles round trip (redhead, we’ve been in and out of each other’s life’s since we were 16) already has 18,000+ on my 19 F150 since June, of course 96” drinks fuel too! Maybe the nut that attaches the handlebars to the seat? I won some awards apparently, “lm Outstanding in a Field” maybe? Also sorry if I used that intro before, I’m old, I forget things



Nov 25, 2012
As far as I know Spark and pump are on different relays. There is a circuit that is in charge of closing the fuel pump relay when the EEC receives an RPM signal. ITs also the same signal that triggers spark. I'm not well versed in that circuit so I won't even pretend I know how it works.

Jumper the fuel pump relay to see if the pump runs.


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Oct 18, 2005
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Yo Richard,
Welcome back!
92-96 Ignition Switch Logic & Multi-Function Switch Continuity Test @ http://www.diesel-dave.com/vehic/manual/stj/stjb5015.htm#extract_1251
Btw, use Motorcraft ICM

Accessories that fail to operate with the key in RUN, or that remain on when the key is turned off, may be the result of a misadjusted ignition switch rather than a malfunctioning ignition switch.

Test the ignition system mechanical operation by rotating the ignition switch lock cylinder through all positions of the ignition switch. The movement should feel smooth with no sticking or binding. The ignition system should return from the START position back to the ON position without assistance (spring return). If sticking or binding is encountered, check for the following:
burrs on the ignition switch lock cylinder
binding ignition switch lock cylinder
shroud rubbing against ignition switch lock cylinder
burrs or foreign material around the rack-and-pinion actuator in the housing of the ignition switch lock cylinder
insufficient lube on actuator
binding ignition switch

The ignition switch can be adjusted by loosening the mounting screws, and sliding as described in above link.

Operational Sequence, Depiction & Wiring Diagram in a 94; "...When the ignition is switched to the ON position, it turns the EEC Power Relay on. The EEC Power Relay provides power to the EEC-IV processor and the control side of the fuel pump relay. Power for the fuel pump is supplied through a fuse link or high current fuse attached to the starter solenoid (battery side). From the fuse link or high current fuse, current flow is through the fuel pump relay and Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) switch to the fuel pump. The IFS switch is a safety device used to shut off the fuel pump in the event of a collision. If the IFS switch is "tripped," it must be reset by depressing the white or red button on the top of the switch. The fuel pump relay is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, the fuel pump will operate. If the ignition switch is not turned to the START position, the PCM will shut the fuel pump off after approximately one second. The PCM will operate the fuel pump when the ignition is in the START position to provide fuel while cranking.After the engine starts, the PCM will continue to operate the fuel pump unless the engine stops, engine speed drops below 120 rpm, or the IFS switch is "tripped." Note: Grounding the FP lead at the DLC will allow the pump to run continuously with the ignition switch on..." READ MORE
Source: by Ford



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