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Big Rob

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Apr 14, 2010
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I am trying to find a fuel gauge for my 95 Bronco. I have looked all over the internet and found nothing. Can anyone help me?



96 Bronco 5.0
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Oct 18, 2005
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yo Rob,

Unfortunately, new gauges such as da Fuel cost a lot of $$ New;

such as http://www.lmctruck.com/pdfcatalogs/pdf/fd/fdComplete.pdf

47-1987 (15) GAUGE-FUEL/BATT”C” W/O TACH 94-96 (1) $399.95

47-1988 GAUGE-FUEL/BATT”B” W/O TACH 96 (1) 187.44 149.95

Suggest you get one used from a Yard, but get a money back or replacemt guarantee on it.

For yard's I use http://www.mypartshop.com

go thru da drill;

then select FORD TRUCK

then, Speedo Head/Cluster

then, select;

(cluster), MPH tach


(cluster), MPH w/o tach

But most yards will sell only the entire instr cluster for about $75-$100

then you can swap the PSOM (speedo/odometer) from your panel into the yard panel

Or just swap fuel gauges;

gauge faces for tach clusters are different from those for non-tach and air bag vs non-air bag clusters; you'll need one from 94-96.

Similarities, Mounting, & Removal info & pics in 80-96 Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at SuperMotors.net

"...92-96 Instrument Cluster Parts

The PSOM, lens, blackout ring, terminal clips, shifter plates, bulbs & holders are interchangeable between cases. '87-96 gauges are only held in by their terminal clips, except the speedo. '80-91 speedos are held in by 2 screws; '92-97 PSOMs are held captive by the surrounding gauge faces. '80-86 use the same case for tach & non-tach, with a blank face for non-tach. '80-86 gauges are held in by stamped nuts on threaded studs. The fuel, oil, & temperature gauge bodies are identical & interchangeable by prying the needle off & removing the 2 screws holding the body to the face plate. To reinstall the needle, the gauge must be powered & have a known signal applied (usually the minimum) before stabbing the needle so it points to the proper reading. The screws are 5.5mm (7/32") hex with T15...


One thAng is, Gauges/cluster need to be stored in vertical or face-up positions. do Not lay any gauge or cluster face down; it will leak the dampening fluid. UPS still owes me $128.95 for Not following concise written shiiping instructions about placing the "Face-Up" labels on my cluster that I sent out to have it checked by a great shop (DNA Speedometers) (http://www.dnaspeedometers.com/index.htm); Tampa, FL 33614

You can pull the cluster out w/gauges, PSOM and replace the gauge w/out losing your odometer reading.

I had my cluster out for a month..it'll hold the mileage indefinitely, make that forever.

Here is how Kuss pulled the cluster out; part of his white-face gauge...but shows the cluster info

In his # 10); I managed to lift the gauge cluster up and tilted it to disconnect the connector to PSOM, and other gauges...

And, Re; "... This is the plastic housing that the little wire loop runs through. The black thumbwheel is threaded around the plastic housing. By spinning the thumbwheel, the housing will back down and out (with the wire loop). You want to spin the housing all the way down and clear... Be gentle with it; I used a small phillips screwdriver to un-hook it; didn't need to spin it;

If the cable sheath is white, it's probably about to break no matter how careful you are. If it's black with mesh reinforcement, you almost can't break it..." Shift Indicator Adjustment in 92-96 Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at SuperMotors.net "...I always unhook the cable (shifting to L or 1 makes it easier), then spin the wheel. You can't really get to the indicator end to unhook it - I do it at the shifter (wheel) end. There's nothing inherently wrong with removing the wheel assy. But when you're trying to pull the cluster, it's easier to feed the bare cable end back around the column & thru the wiring harness..."

As usual, when I pulled my cluster out, our diggie cam took a hike south.

now you can replace any of da bulbs.

Some backgrnd. info for you;

Cluster removal by Steve83

Gauge Cluster Shell Difference pics, Front View, with & without Tach in 92-96 Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at SuperMotors.net

btw, what is wrong w/da current gauge?


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Big Rob

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Apr 14, 2010
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Thanks for all the help. Man I love this forum already.


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