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Aug 21, 2011
my son repaired my drivers side door jam switch about a year ago on my 92 bronco xlt 5.8 now the switch shorted out and burned the plug connector. Replaced switch with a new one and got another connector from junk yard but the wire order does not match the burnt one. Several other type fords had the same connector and all are in the same order. Can not find any wire diagram of this connector. So I Wired it both ways and seemed to work. My door chime stayed on constantly even with engin running. Replaced the ignition switch and it stopped. now the Bronco (sometimes) wont start unless I open the door. When I turn on my ignition the volt meter pegs left and will drain the battery very fast. I have replaced the battery, battery cables remote solenoid and the starter. Im at a loss and running out of cash to throw at it. Can it be this door switch causing this? Will appreciate any advice and a picture of the connector plug or wire diagram. Thanks



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Oct 18, 2005
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yo Yogi,


Here is the 92's Dome, wtc. Wiring Diagram


Following is from the 96 Workshop Manual; color codes are same for your 92

"...The warning chime/buzzer sounds when the headlamp switch (11654) is in PARK or HEAD and the driver's door is open, and continues to sound until the headlamp switch is moved to OFF or the door is closed. When the headlamp switch is in PARK or HEAD, power is supplied through Circuit 14 (BR) to the module. When the driver's door is open, the driver's door lamp switch (13713) is closed and power is supplied to the module through Circuit 159 (R/PK)..."

Warning Chime/Buzzer System



Instrument Cluster Connector C196instrumentclustedconnC1.gif

Pin Number Circuit Circuit Function

1 904 (LG/R) Charge Indicator Lamp

2 932 (GY/W) High Beam Indicator Input

3 57 (BK) Ground

4 450 (DG/LG) Fasten Belt Indicator Input

5 29 (Y/W) Fuel Level Input (with Tachometer)

6 19 (LB/R) Instrument Cluster Illumination Input

7 57 (BK) Ground

8 2 (W/LB) Right Turn Input

9 648 (W/PK) Tachometer Input Signal

10 398 (BK/Y) Tachometer Ground (for 8-Cylinder)

11 784 (LB/BK) Low Range Indicator Input

12 210 (LB) 4x4 Indicator Input

13 640 (R/Y) Power Supply in RUN and START

14 16 (R/LG) Charge Indicator Input

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