AOD rebuild including a Transgo Shift Kit


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Feb 15, 2020
Henderson Nevada
My sons 90 Bronco had over drive go out. After a week of WTF I decided to rebuild the AOD. My first dive ever into a transmission but encouraged by the videos on you tube from monster transmission. I ordered a 4x4 kit on Ebay along with a SK AOD kit. For reference I bought the AOD yellow rebuild book from Amazon and got my tablet out to have ready for video reference. I have never hated transmission fluid more than I do now. After removing the transmission and the more I wondered into the project I ordered a billet 2-3 aluminum accumulator and also a Superior A+ servo figuring what the hell. Next was the Kevlar OD band. All said and done I was into my project for almost $400 in parts as opposed to the $1000 estimates I got all over Las Vegas.
I gotta say that there is NOTHING scary about rebuilding a transmission. Literally the hardest part was getting the damn lip seal installed in the direct drive which I finally figured out was easily done in 10 seconds by putting a rubber band around the bottom of the seal and freezing it. Then I just pushed it down frozen and the lip seal stayed in place while the rubber band slid up and off. Now the schematics that come with the AOD valve body shift kit are good but it helps to go online and save some of the images to your phone or tablet to zoom in on. In the end my son couldn't be happier with how his Bronco runs. The shift kit improved the low end speed shift points drastically all the way to 45-50 mph and smooth sailing in over drive. The 302 scoots now. With the new kit I did have to tinker with the TV cable a bit to get it just right. Saved me $600 by choosing to do it myself.


Oct 13, 2009
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"...not the end of the world...."
sometimes they're the begining of it...
Embarased by how old I wuz when I found that out w/a carb rebuid. Since
doing one have not looked back - x-fer case, rear end, degreed my cam, etc...
Still know nothing abt the ele system (chargin, ignit, etc, etc) but know it's the same mental blocks. 54!+ nxt I'll get on these 'puter systems (no, by the time I get there my days will B over). Good Luck ~ Goferit !

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