95 bronco wont start


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Sep 8, 2010
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i got a 95 bronco that wont start its not getting fuel and not getting fire ?The control module is testing good



96 Bronco 5.0
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Oct 18, 2005
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First off; this Forum's Programming errors won't allow 22 Images to appear here; an ERROR MEssage appears after hitting the Add Reply button, but it does NOt indicate which image is not allowed to appear. Although I was able to post the same images in a similar NO START in a 95 thread in the General Forum 10 mins ago @ http://broncozone.com/topic/20857-starting-problem/page__gopid__109542&

So, here is my 3rd attempt @ this Reply

ck that FP & EEC Relay

in da Power Distribution Box (PDB);

here is the PDB Diagram in a 96, sim to a 95 by Roadkill!

the PDB is Located under the hood on the drivers side fenderwell, behind the stock air cleaner location.

See HIf your PDB does not have a diagram inside lid,

Horn Relay #3; you can swap it temp w/da FP relay to verify if it is good..."


Relay #1 can be swapped w/ Horn relay as well.


If your PDB is different then see this diagram by Rob for a 93;




Here is a quick check for no-startcondition. Turn the ignition key to da ON position to see if the “Check Engine Light" (CEL) turns on.

If the CEL does NOT Light Up & it has in past before this NO START condition began, check the EEC relay.


No Start Troubleshooting; "...First thing to check is wiring. Between the large posts of your starter relay (it's not a solenoid) should be a smaller post with a wire attached. This is the wire from your ignition switch through the Park/Neutral Safety Switch (NSS)/Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS), Or clutch safety switch on a manual trans, or NSS/MLPS with an AOD/E4OD, to the starter relay and the on to the starter solenoid (if equipped) and starter. Check this wire for cracks, open insulation, or anything that could possibly cause an open circuit. Next, check your upper ignition actuator. Find the ignition rod (on top of the column, running from the steering wheel down to the ignition switch at the base of the column) and make sure it's moving back and forth when you turn the key, through all positions. If it is, your upper actuator is probably not the problem. Lastly, check your ignition switch (again, at the base of the column). Manually push the switch back and forth through the different positions. Push it all the way forward (or down) and see if it will engage the starter. If it does, then your ignition rod is probably bent, which can be remedied quite easily. & If it's an auto, try starting in neutral or while pulling up on the lever while it's in park. If that works, look to the Park/NSS/MLPS.

If it's a stick, check the clutch switch.

You could try jumping from hot to the small terminal on the starter relay to test it's operation. Sometimes new ones are bad out of the box. If it won't turn over when jumped to the small terminal, you'll know that it's a starter relay issue (Bad part, bad ground; check to see if da relay is tight to inner fender with no corrosion because the relay's body is ground path via inner fender).

If it does turns over jumped to the small terminal, then you'll be looking for something in the circuit that includes the ignition switch & the park/neutral safety switch (NSS/MLPS) Or clutch safety switch. There should be 12v running from the ignition switch, thru the NSS/MLPS, to the small terminal on the starter relay. Disconnect the small wire to the starter relay (So it doesn't start by surprise, I'd pull the coil wire too). With someone holding the key in the start position, you should be able to read 12v between any point on that small circuit & ground. When you find where you lose 12v, then you'll know where the issue is...";

MIESK5 EDIT; changed a few terms;

Also, see Starter (@) Relay Jumping Image in 92-96 @ http://www.broncolinks.com/gallery_images/StarterRelayJumpinin92-96.JPG

- Sewiw shows a remote start switch's Jumpers; you can use a reg. small jumper wire



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