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  1. Skitter302

    ABS Light On - But I think I've done EVERYTHING!

    WoooHooo! Glad you got it fixed. Now that you got it working properly it makes sense why it wasn't fixed the first time.
  2. Skitter302

    Cooper Discoverer ATP

    Fastenal Rep has them on his work truck (Dodge 2500 4x4), has had them for a few thousand now and he likes them. Good Ride and proper snow traction. I run the TOYO AT IIs on my Broncos and Have had Zero issues with them. When my town turned to ice I was still pulling people out of ditches.
  3. Skitter302

    1994 Eddie Bauer 5.8

    YO! Best to start a new topic with this question :)
  4. Skitter302

    C6 in a '93

    I've got my Blue '93 Custom Package Bco with a 302 that has a E4OD that bucks at part throttle with the TC locked. The problem has been narrowed down to the transmission. Been looking on Facebook market place and with parts from an '88 Bronco I can swap in a C6 for $1k less then repairing the...
  5. Skitter302

    Still Running lean

    Sounds like the EGR is disconnected at this point. You should block off the port at this point to see if things get better. I did mine with 2 pieces of silver tape and reinstalled the EGR on top the tape.
  6. Skitter302

    Hello, Yes, it's me again

    As far as I know Spark and pump are on different relays. There is a circuit that is in charge of closing the fuel pump relay when the EEC receives an RPM signal. ITs also the same signal that triggers spark. I'm not well versed in that circuit so I won't even pretend I know how it works...
  7. Skitter302

    Bucket seats

    89-96 I believe all have the same brackets. Small chance I could be wrong. Good Luck and post pictures of your swap!
  8. Skitter302

    Starter issue

    How do the teeth on the flywheel look?
  9. Skitter302

    Bucket seats

    80-96 Bronco 80-96 F-series 96-97 F-series Superduty All seat brackets fit your floor pan but sometimes the holes don't line up. Best to find some seats you like and swap them to your seat brackets
  10. Skitter302

    Bronco Shudders during acceleration.

    The Speed signal goes from the PSOM to the PCM. So normally when I see a shudder issue on these years of Bco(s) its either an issue with the signal going to or leaving the PSOM. On thing to verify is that the frequency of the pulses leaving the speed sensor and make sure they match the signal...
  11. Skitter302

    Bronco Shudders during acceleration.

    Good call on the ATF. Seems like every Bronco that I buy with an E4OD requires a complete flush berfore I can add miles on it. The speeds that you mentioned above are in the exact range for a failed PSOM. I had to pull the one out of my '93 last month and have it rebuilt at a local module shop...
  12. Skitter302

    Got the Red Bco fixed. I'm starting to think the old tps was on its way out because it drives...

    Got the Red Bco fixed. I'm starting to think the old tps was on its way out because it drives better now.
  13. Skitter302

    Bronco Shudders during acceleration.

    Check your PSOM.
  14. Skitter302

    ABS Light On - But I think I've done EVERYTHING!

    No ABS in a Bronco, no problem. They drive better with no ABS IMHO. The light on the dash sounds annoying. Does it drive and shift fine? Has the speed sensor in the rear been checked? Have the sensors for the front wheels been checked? Has the PSOM been checked?
  15. Skitter302

    92 Bronco F250 Chassis and 5.9L Cummins Diesel Engine Swap - Documented build thread

    When you originally posted the idea of putting a Bronco on a 2010 frame I thought you were forming just the theory of doing it. Well, looks like I'm gunna be take'n to school and get show'n some cool stuff here. CAN'T Wait to see more!!!
  16. Skitter302

    1990 Bronco Fuel system electrical issues

    2 thoughts for ya, Have you pulled the EEC and checked for Damage, And have you probed the Fuel relay to make sure its working properly?
  17. Skitter302

    1989 5.0 high pressure fuel pump

    Glad thats all it was.
  18. Skitter302

    Lights flickering

    Thats different. There is a bundle of wires in that area that go through the firewall. sounds like it might be worth taking the time to check each wire and wire connection 1 by 1 to see if any are getting pulled on or push around. Also check on the engine by side of the firewall.
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    Comment by 'Skitter302' in media 'Imagen065.jpg'

    I want that Hood!