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  1. miesk5

    Headliner sagging

    Yo Ragtop, Are the three driver side visor screws tight? And same for the drive side Drive Pin? Item Part Number Description 1 51944 Roof Trim Panel 2 383927-S Drive Pin (1 Req'd Each Side) 3 42410 Moulding 4 31012 Quarter Trim Panel 5 29010 Body Side Garnish Moulding 6 3598 Front...
  2. miesk5

    Bryan, some info in past threads are missing after site upgrade

    For example, in Ignition Lock Cylinder Adjustment & Ignition Switch Pin-Out & Logic Test by Seabronc is missing View attachment 3015 ( I tried to recover it via Web Archive, but no luck. There are quite a few otger dead links. ..
  3. miesk5

    Weak Spark and Truck will not Start?

    Yo zkyllonen, Try a Self Test for Diagnostic Trouble Codes by my pal, BroncoJoe19 @ Of course, do just tge Key on, engine off portion. Primary Voltage 1.Attach the negative lead of a voltmeter to the distributor base. 2.Turn the ignition...
  4. miesk5

    1989 Bronco 4x4 Switch

    Yo jbnd007, I haven't found sources for a new switch, yet, however For a YARD SEARCH on-line, I use; A yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped. If a specific part, such as the switch isn't listed, search again for the next...
  5. miesk5

    ABS Light On - But I think I've done EVERYTHING!

    Yo, Try this seller, The mechanic could have a local yard or one affiliated with uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped. Then have him splice wires...
  6. miesk5

    Hello, Yes, it's me again

    Yo Richard, Welcome back! 92-96 Ignition Switch Logic & Multi-Function Switch Continuity Test @ Btw, use Motorcraft ICM . Accessories that fail to operate with the key in RUN, or that remain on when the key is turned off...
  7. miesk5

    Need 78 parts

    Yo TC, Parts: 49-9779 TAILGATE GLASS-CLEAR BRONCO 78-79 1 $129.95 IN STOCK ADD TO CART 49-9780 TAILGATE GLASS-TINTED BRONCO 78-79 1 $129.95 IN STOCK See more parts...
  8. miesk5

    Radiator Help

    Yo fyreduck1921, Due to the aux trans cooler, you have the super duper trailer towing package option with super engine cooling, front and rear stabilizer bars, 5.8, tailer tiw harness, quad fron shocks, etc. See info in 1993 Bronco Dealer Brochure in Google Drive @ 93Bronco.pdf Excerpt;
  9. miesk5

    Emissions Removal

    Yo fyreduck1921, The emission vacuum tank feeds the HVAC vacuum tank for Heater/AC operations as shown below; it can be replaced with a 96 tank that is made of long plastic plastic, check e bay. 93 HVAC pic by BroncoRob ■●■ Your 2nd pic is the smog pumps filter; Filter Location pic in 92-96...
  10. miesk5

    Rear window dash switch replaced; still not working?

    Yo Hayden, WELCOME! See these switch tests by Steve: All '80-96 t/g wiring runs from the dash switch (F2TZ-14529-A Motorcraft SW7071 out the firewall along the frame to the rear bumper up to the L taillight and into the t/g. '80-86 have a large round 3-wire connector...
  11. miesk5

    Starter issue

    Yo bronco2al, Welcome! I assume bendix drive is not sliding forward and engaging the flywheel? "...Why are the cables and battery so important? The starter circuit pulls a lot of amperage, up to 500 amps depending on the starter, the engine load, and battery condition. This kind of amperage...
  12. miesk5

    Bucket seats

    Yo Stacy, Welcome! 2012 F150 Heated Power Bucket Seat Swap w/ Wiring Diagrams Installation (Infinity) in a 95; " I came across these I30 Ifinity seats, $125 for two,a place in KC has a butt load of them in their attic space...must be like 20 diff. sets, leather, had to do a little...
  13. miesk5

    ABS Light On - But I think I've done EVERYTHING!

    Yo, Apparently, I maxed out on number of images allowed per post. For testing TAD/TAB SOLENOIDS,resistance can be measured too
  14. miesk5

    ABS Light On - But I think I've done EVERYTHING!

    Yo BlackBetty95, WELCOME! Here are the Ford tests for the two issues. If you need assistance just ask or at least you will know what a mechanic should do. DTCs 553 indicates that voltage output for Secondary Air Injection solenoid(s) did not change when activated. miesk5 Note; this set of...
  15. miesk5

    Want to purchase 1994 Bronco Front ABS mounting bracket

    Yo Grog, Welcome! Motorcraft short part number; 2D204, ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Housing (aka shield or mount) Kit - contains 1 RH and 1 LH (Front) $58.92 See attached pic BUT I DOUBT a new piece IS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE NOW. Some friends have had local machine shops fab a housing. Or as exranger06...
  16. miesk5

    1990 Bronco Fuel system electrical issues

    Yo Geo, Welcome! As Skittrer advised. EEC IV PCM Removal in 87- 91: To remove it first disconnect battery & use a 10 mm socket to unbolt the wiring harness connector from inside the engine bay. Then pull plastic kick panel from inside cab & remove the retainer clip. The firewall rubber gasket...
  17. miesk5

    A/C delete

    Yo MUDD, In the DEFROST position, outside air is discharged through the windshield defroster hose nozzles with a small amount going to the heater outlet floor ducts. A/C clutch is engaged in ambient temperatures above approximately 50°F. Air Conditioning acts as a dehumidifier causing...
  18. miesk5

    Lights flickering

    Yo Keith, In addition to Skitter's suggestion, check GROUND G801 for driver side headlight located on driver side inner fender behind headlight... and G802 for passenger side headlight located on passenger rside inner fender behind headlight. Also, with headlights on, do feel any heat around...