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  1. Elmo

    1990 Bronco for parts.

    Left front of front axel is good front axel shafts are good E4OD just rebuilt before roll over 1356 mannual transfer case good both drive shafts are good
  2. Elmo

    5 spd popping out of 5th gear

    ladies and gentle men altho not actually a Bronco question could apply to Broncos. I have a 1990 F-150 4.9 5 speed 2wd that will not remain in fith gear without slight pressure applied to the shifter. If pressure is not applied to shifter it will pop out in abt 30 seconds under light driving...
  3. Elmo

    The big green man fell down

    On my way to my brothers the other night a car pulled out in front of me from my right. Unable to avoid him he caught me on the right side causing me to spin and roll. I dont think i can repair this dammage. She may become a trail rig. Just wish there were some trails near me to enjoy .
  4. Elmo

    what to expect from a cam ?

    I am building a 351w speed density engine for my bronco. Maybe i should be but I am not looking to go MAF. Haveing asked some friends with experience on both sides (MAF/SD) i have narrowed it down to two flat tappet possibilites for my cam selection. The block will be bored 30 over (pistons to...
  5. Elmo

    Soft top and windows

    finally got finished with one major project that i have been wanting to do. I got my soft top and soft windows made and installed. Probably not exactly what most think of when they read "soft top and windows" . These are a creation from my own imagination. Only takes me about 30 seconds to...
  6. Elmo

    Fried Trans what now

    Well wednesday the trans started slipping bad while driving and everytime i stopped it seemed to be in neutral. Rev the engine a bit and it would pull off weakly but still went. Thursday evening took off with my stepson to go a favor for my dad about 45 miles away all seemed well or as well as...
  7. Elmo

    Throttlebody spacer ???

    I hear all kinds of talk about throttlebody spacers for stangs. Is this another trick that only sees benefit in the upper rpms or does it have any benefits for those of us who rarely see above 3-4k rpms ?
  8. Elmo

    starter or what

    Hi Yall, I have been haveing this problem with the Bronco. It started about two or three weeks after i replaced the engine, went back with the same size and all. It will start up cold just fine drive ten miles to store go in come out 15 min later engine will not turn over, starter engages turns...
  9. Elmo

    body lift

    YeeeHaaa finally got the body lift ordered from JBG and been seeing it sitting on the table for the last four days everytime i leave for work or going out for the typical ThanksGiving activities. Off work for the next three days one of which is tied up already, gotta finish enclosure for Nina...
  10. Elmo

    Exploring options for building my 5.8

    Ladies and gents I need some advice. My 5.8L lost oil press after a few attempts to revive it, with no luck ofcourse, It has been replaced with a 5.8 from an 89 e250 (which happened to have the saginaw p/s pump and bracket i need for that mod)it is now running fine. My plan is to build the 5.8...
  11. Elmo

    help identifing this engine please

    i have a v8 with an edelbrock square bore 4bbl intake with the casting numbers- EOAE D3G beside where the starter mounts. can anyone give any insite on what i have. I think its a 1980 302 from a car am i right. i was told there is something special about the heads but i have not gotten the...
  12. Elmo

    Auto hub compatability

    I have a 1990 Eddie Bower with the 3 screw auto hubs,of which one has bursted into several pieces. I have aquired a set of 5 screw auto hubs from a later model (one with the more rounded front). I got the nuts and locking washer with the 5 screw hubs. I have not attempted to swap the two sets...
  13. Elmo

    5.8 PCV will not fit

    Ok I know I have done it before but for the life of me I cant figure it out now. The pcv valve will not fit between the valve cover and the upper intake.Am I missing something ? It looks like there should be a 90* turn and a hose coming from under the edge of the upper intake for the pcv to plug...
  14. Elmo

    Finally Got My Bronco

    Hello to all whom I have not met. I have been lurking and posting for a while but just now finally got a Bronco to call mine. I have done repairs on this Bronco for the previous owner but now it is mine.