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    New battery won’t start.

    I got a new battery for my new old to me new free bronco. 85xlt automatic 4x4. I tried to see if it would turn over. Wipers work door lock on passenger side works. I tried starter and nothing cranks. Do I need to change selonid? I’m gonna jump it in the morning with a screw driver? Second photo...
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    85 winch question

    Has anyone put a 2” receiver hitch on an existing front bumper to puta winch on ?
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    fuel pump

    I have an 85 xlt full size bronco. Where is the fuel pump? It has a 4 barrel carburetor not fuel inject. Is it on engine block or in the gas tank???? The manual I bought says it is on the block just wondering. There is so much junk I have not had to chance to look. I am thinking of removing the...
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    85 xlt

    I’ve looked all over the dashboard for a up/down switch. All I see under the steering wheel is a button? And dumb ol country boy can’t find the fuse panel. HELP
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    Gray Ghost 85 full grown bronco free