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  1. RR-Texas

    Hello, Yes, it's me again

    I have just returned from the island of Chandelier. What am I doing in town? Well, I'm glad you asked. I'm just passing through in search of the ever elusive... “Is there one circuit that controls the fuel pump and coil? I’m wondering if my ignition switch took a dump it’s been messed up since...
  2. RR-Texas

    On The Road Again V2

    Been moving and trying to get the logistics of moving the Bronco, without having my girlfriend take me 100+ miles round trip.  A friend/ex-manager from the club we worked out now does hot shot work in Houston, moved it one day and my toolbox (didn’t want to take the top box off) another.  It was...
  3. RR-Texas

    Dear Abby, Ann Landers & Judge Judy

    Were no help!  I've Asked Amy and Jeeves to no avail!  Even Web MD had no answers, is there anyway to get my 1993 Bronco to handle, ride and get the same fuel economy as my 2017 F150?  Asking for a friend.
  4. RR-Texas

    Worthless Mechanic

    Had to “Tag” her out, lazy mechanic forgot to tighten the clamps on the intake tubes, last week after replacing the manual temp gauge that quit working one month after install 7 years ago, not once, or twice, but 3 times!  First time it was routed perfectly, then I went back to admire my handy...
  5. RR-Texas

    Mudding Sorta & Invisablity in Texas

    So I went mudding or drove through some mud, anyway this unit will be getting painted rattle can black soon!  First real trip since back on the road from church and due to not reactivating my toll tag yet I was curzzing the feeder on my return from church when the largest BMW made, with PAPER...
  6. RR-Texas

    Willie Nelson

    In your best WN voice everybody sing On The Road Again!  So she is legal and back on the road today!  Not sure what’s in her future, new carpet for sure and y’all really need to pitch in and buy me a Corbeau seat!  Just the drivers side, unless you want to get me both? While she won’t be a...
  7. RR-Texas

    I'm Back!!!

    Finally, the Bronco had been sitting after getting hit and the rear diff finally calling it with the 3rd tooth coming off!  During that time I became dumber and forgot the password here and to the email I had listed!  Thanks to Miseak5 and the BZ admins as well as the FSB site for the...
  8. RR-Texas

    8.8" Equals 3 Teeth Max!

    So trying to decide what to do, after being a daily driver, sitting is not good for her! If it would have had a 9" in her there would be a Canon 5D Mark3 in my camera bag and the Bronco in the driveway. I have to admit the 2017 F150 goes twice the distance, extremely quite (I heard a pine...
  9. RR-Texas

    Off Road Issues Maybe?

    Probably not a great mudder
  10. RR-Texas

    Shiny Captain

    One side down, had to stop for coffee
  11. RR-Texas

    Here We Go Again!!

    However this time they might try the total? Gonna need right side rear panel, tailgate and insert, bumper, receiver hitch(?), and some exhaust work. She tends to torque to the left in lock ups, had she stayed straight it might not have gotten the side panel, which is buckled some over the...
  12. RR-Texas

    Front Rotors and Speed Rings

    Figured I'd post in the proper section this time and brake the 100 post mark in 2016! Got her apart, haven't pulled the seal, trying to figure out how to get the speed ring off. Even checked a video on a 95 Bronco, no speed ring, guess they didn't have anti-lock brakes, except on mine? I'm...
  13. RR-Texas

    Brakes, Speedo and Stuff

    I'm back, did y'all miss me? Probably not anyway getting ready so do some frt end stuff and maybe the rear end here are 3 questions Speedo Replacment - see image where do you get a replacement?  - Junk yard only it seems like Proportitioning Valve - auto parts says no - Jeff's only shows to...
  14. RR-Texas

    Engine Surges and Dies after engine swap

    She's beendoing great, let sit for 3 days and now she doesn't want to idle, keep surging and dying, new ICM. Not sure if it's the TPS as she will still accelerate while doing all this. The EGR is non-existent so those codes are always there, I think the 2 trans codes have been there since I...
  15. RR-Texas

    She's Just Not Happy!

    So how is life in Bronco land? First my speedo/mileage did this, not avail through any vendor I've found and you can't see the numbers this good now, just did tune up and replaced the EGR valve again as she started dying again when you let off. That's ok but idle is crazy now, haven't checked...
  16. RR-Texas

    Sad Christmas Day

    While out enjoying the 85 degree day on the bike I came across this, the 3 sides I could see left no explenatition why it left sitting in a field with all the windows missing?
  17. RR-Texas

    93 Frt Brake Line Issues

    Had the LF line from the caliper to the frame start leaking, figured this would be an easy fix, but not so! The caliper bolt is at the 3:00 position, the lines at the auto parts as well as the one at Jeff's the tube/line comes straight upward off the block that bolts to the caliper and there is...
  18. RR-Texas

    Looking For Clearance/Measurements for 93 Frt Sway Bar

    A bit odd request maybe and I am scouring the info that has previously been shared with me before, for the information. However I am trying to figure out how the place I took the Bronco to to be fixed only decided to replace the sway bar brackets and bushings and not the links or the bar...
  19. RR-Texas

    Banged Up Bronco

    Finally have the adjuster coming to look at the girl, not the best image left tire is straight, but cocked, right tire not so much. She drags in reverse, 2 of the front shocks were damaged by the now bent sway bar. You can see the steering wheel is now at 12&6, plus bent bumper, and step...
  20. RR-Texas

    Sigourney Weaver, Rear Differential and Baby Aliens!

    The first picture is how a professional mechanic fixes a problem, put a stick in it! Small hole yes, but with hot gear lube it looked like a faucet was running, glad I backed in to park or I might not have seen it. Second image is the baby alien that tried to get out, trouble is, it happened...