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    Installing bucket seats in my 1988 Bronco

    While I have the interior out of my 1988 Bronco I am replacing the bench seat with Eddie Bauer bucket seats from a 1989 Bronco. I tried to test fit with the seat tracks and none of the holes in the floor for the bench seat line up with the bucket seat tracks. if anyone has measurements as to...
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    Tailgate lift motor 1988 Bronco

    Motor for the tailgate gave classic signs the nylon bushings in the motor went. Motor whines nothing happens. So I removed the motor took it apart and low and behold inside full of plastic. I have a spare motor in garage take it apart swap out the new nylon gear, nylon bushings and steel gear to...
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    Eddie Bauer running boards

    I am restoring a 1988 Ford Bronco and would love to put some factory Eddie Bauer running boards on it. Does anyone know if running boards from a 1995 F-150 part number F2TS-16472-A & 16473-A will fit and if not could I modify them (shorten or lengthen) to fit Thanks.
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    Deluxe tu-tone paint for 1988 Bronco

    Does anyone have pictures of a 1988 Bronco with the deluxe tu-tone paint scheme. My is Desert tan with Light chestnut on the sides and fiberglass top and it is at the painters now being stripped to bare metal. Thanks in advance BBSteal
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    Ford Nats at Carlisle

    Was just wondering if anyone is going to attend the Ford Nationals at Carlisle next week 6/2-6/5.
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    B-co Kid's Bronco

    I just logged on to see if anyone replied to my tech post and I saw B-co Kids Bronco in the recent gallery images and think it looks great, it has the perfect lift and stance. When it comes time to lift mine that is the look I would shoot for so can anyone let me know what lift and tires does it...
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    1988 Bronco neutral safety switch

    New member here I just introduced myself in the other forum and now I have a tech question. My Bronco was just purchased from Az a month ago it currently is equipped with the 351, C-6 auto with manual shift transfer case which I assume is all stock. The problem is it starts in gear and doesn't...
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    New member from Allison Park Pa

    New member here just saying hello. I  purchased my 1988 Bronco a month ago from Flagstaff Az ,living in Pa it is impossible to find anything rust free which I'm happy to say this Bronco is. Even the underside of the tail gate is spotless which I know is pretty rare. I am a Ford guy having owned...