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    2 different starters

    Let me please get some opinions here. 88 bronco 2 2.9 auto 4x4 starter not engaging I believe I was sold short starter. The flywheel is grinding the metal on nose over gear. Won't go in flush either. Auto parts stores telling me only one application for that model. Older mechanics telling me...
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    88 Bronco 2 Flywheel/starter

    What size bolt because ivefound mine to be loose I'm having onehelluva time here trying not to replace flywheel I have strong feeling it's somethi g like that exactly
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    starter spinning but tests out good

    Please help!!! I have an 88 b2 automatic 2.9 Spinning starter Used to catch when motor manually turned with tiretool now NOTHING Replaced 3x Replaced batt and ig switch Tested all starters off car sounds good Place on nose over end of bendix ground down Can crawl under loosen up move...