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    1989 Ford Bronco battery draining random extension cord

    It is a good idea to check the voltage at the battery with the engine running. If the voltage is >13.5VDC then the alternator and internal regulator are probably good. If you measure 12.5-12.6 then the battery is not being charged. You can get a cheapo multimeter at an auto parts store...
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    Best Place to connect Vacuum Guage 72 Bronco 302

    As long as the vacuum comes from the manifold then you are in the right place. I have seen some Fords have the distributor vacuum advance line come from the carburetor above the throttle plates which mean there will only be vacuum once the throttle is opened.
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    How to install a new cam on my 408 stroker engine

    The problem will be selecting a cam that has enough low end. If you have an automatic you will probably need to change to a higher stall contverter. Since you have a 1992 I would suggest you might want to investigate using roller lifters even if your engine did not come stock with them. The...
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    1989 bronco front and rear differentials

    Once you figure out what you have I would suggest 5.38 gears since you have a stick where 5th gear is an over drive of 5.72 (I have the same transmission).
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    66 bronco build straight six with 35s

    While you can put any engine in, I want to say that the 170 and 200 inch i6 engines are light duty and only have 4 main bearings, correct? They were made for Falcons and Vomets. In comparison the 300 is built like a tank.
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    Lift kit

    Pro Comp, Bronco Graveyard, Rough Country and Superlift all have kits. Unfortunately I have no personal experience with them and cannot choose one over another.
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    Towing a Bronco with a Bronco

    Assuming the the towed vehicle is an automatic you should check the owner's manual to see whether the transmission is safe to be towed with the rear wheels on the ground. I have seen some automatics which limit the towed distance to 45mph and 50 miles.
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    ‘94 Bronco with 37”tires

    Unless you increase the ratio of the gearing (front and rear) I would think it would be very hard on the transmission to start and accelerate. Keep in mind that the rolling diameter with 37 inch tires is in the range of 15-20% greater than with a stock sized tire. Braking will also be...
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    I owned a 1981 with 351/C6 and enjoyed 4-wheeling it with minimal changes (2 inch lift, better shocks, aggressive tires, etc.) I realize they improved a lot over the years but my son had a 1993 with the 351 and I was underwhelmed with the stock performance. He also had to replace the E40 with...
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    Popping at high idle, no power

    Ford changed to the roller cam with 1985 302/5.0L engines. They unfortunately never tooled the 351 for a roller cam although several aftermarket cam companies offer roller setups for the 351. It allowed significantly more HP because the 'integrated value' of the valves being open is much...
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    Popping at high idle, no power

    A 96 5.0 should have a roller cam. There is little chance of a bad cam lobe as cam wear is low unless something broke. Better find out the cause of the dead cylinder.
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    Popping at high idle, no power

    "Pop through the Intake" could imply exhaust in the intake would shoot fears through me that an intake valve is leaking. By all means start by measuring intake vacuum. If it idles at >15 inches and is regular then celebrate that the intake valves appear to be sealing. From my experience the...
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    Lug nuts

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    Front driveshaft, can’t find the right length

    Yup, find a driveshaft specialist and talk to them. Look on the Internet or find one local. Ask at a 4WD store where they go. They will guide you through how to measure the length which is dependent upon lift and tell you of any upgrades which are available.
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    Lug nuts

    Good point! All Broncos were produced with 5 on 5.5 inch lug patterns. That is a far cry from 8 on 6.5 inch for an F250/F350. The 8 bolt configurations with up to 9/16 studs would give much greater clamping force on the 6.5 inch bolt circle compared to the Bronco's.
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    Smoke Em If You Got Em!

    You are probably right. I remember taking apart the ECM from our Bronco II (A4LD trans) which stopped shifting into OD (4th gear) and found a transistor which had failed. I replaced the transistor with a generic one and it was a pleasant surprise when I subsequently had all 4 gears again.
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    Lug nuts

    As above, do your aluminum rims require a special lug nut with an alignment shoulder? Generally speaking aluminum is too soft and will distort/flow with a standard lug nut intended for a steel wheel.
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    I have a 92 bronco with 351 windsor. I've been told that removing all smog equipment will increase horsepower and fuel efficiency. Is this true?

    By '92 your Bronco likely has fuel injection so the fuel metering (and mpg) is probably good if your oxygen sensor is working correctly. I won't address all of the legalities but you might improve performance if you can find an aftermarket tuner for your engine. Beyond that read up on forums...
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    Smoke Em If You Got Em!

    JTA, did you consider getting your ECM repaired? There are plenty of repair houses listed on the Internet and the cost might be far less than a new one.