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    No holes in roof.

    I am thinking of mounting the soft strap oh jeez climb in straps above my doors. Has anyone mounted stuff in this location without putting holes in their roof? If so could you share your secret? How deep can I drill or is there a better place to permanently attach the climb in straps? I was wary...
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    4x4 wont engage

    96 Bronco, 5.8 liter auto locking hubs. Had tranny work done years ago. When I put into 4 wheel drive it sounded like it always did. Yet front wheels not doing anything. When I remove front 3screw hubs. What am I looking for? Worn, or damaged splines ? Was considering switching to Warn manual...
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    Painting Bronco top

    So has anyone come up with a way to revitalize the black rear top cover on any year Bronco other than painting it? If not, has anyone had good luck painting the rear fiberglass top? Mine is in bad shape and the fiberglass is starting to peal up. Not sure if paint alone is the answer?