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    Nope Not The Northern Plains, South Texas

    that's bout right ! Stay outta GE, AL, etc when there's 30* weather. Bald tires, lack of experience... ABS sure helps BUT...! 8^ 0
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    87 Bronco - Runs inconsistently - Seriously need advice.

    Any 'new to me' vehicle I wanna ck out ALL systems (ele, fuel, breaks - ad infinitum). Could this B a ground? Older vehicles DO HAVE poor grounds... Here U have a fuel/ele systems involved issue. I would start at 1 end & wrk toward the other (duz NOT mean replace every component - throw $ at it...
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    How to install a new cam on my 408 stroker engine

    I would never install a new cam w/o decreeing it. Some just go dot to dot. At that - U never know what U have. Be sure, degree it. Make sure the other components are up to snuff so as not to need to tear it down again to replace later. Get the correct springs (cam manufacturer will list) to go...
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    Tiny piece for carb

    the auto, as a system, one thing in one place can effect all others. Its great to have a guide close. Many use a Chiltons or Haynes manual. I would start at the beginning & do a ignition tune FIRST (system) THEN move onto the carb & fuel system tune. The idea here is "a rule out" sorta...
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    1990 bronco engine

    best? if U have some angle iron (an ol bed frame & welder or bolt-up?) or can make upa 2x4 'test stand' folks can see/hear it run. He could prep for sale. Anytime U put a lill effort in an exponential return is accrued. Doing nuttin is often a case of "what will u give me to take it away?" I...
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    Nope Not The Northern Plains, South Texas

    yes, man has rightly feared flood over fire'n others as it digs up the earth, strips it, etc. Still - can't say I'm not relieves to live in tornado country, where hurricane is late summer - fall. I've dealt w/the latter 650 mi out to sea ina 27 ft sloop. "...they were locked in just in case..."...
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    Sliding glass windows for shell

    for shell indicates "a roller" w/o motor or transmission, may B no interior, etc. Since I now see this is in the Classified § or forum I'd guess that's a misspelling instead (for shell means "for Sale").
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    66 bronco build straight six with 35s

    disappeared I guess...
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    Nope Not The Northern Plains, South Texas

    average temps Huston: February ...64° / 48°... 5 days March ....70° / 55°.... 5 days
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    Bronco 1982 striker plate bolts

    not sure this will help U - its tough working 'cross cultures'. W/us may B even tougher as we have the same language but use same wrds differently or different wrds for the same thing (spanner, wrench). Anyway may B this will help jog our more knowledgable folk into gear. Here in US of A we...
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    66 bronco build straight six with 35s

    "...6 inch while running 36's..." cut or not in rear? no heavy bumpers? 53 y/o springs? BL or SL? etc...we find that every one is different. Tries w/tire/wheel in an empty wheel well, visits & doing so - as U suggest - at a tire company, can B the real deal.
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    66 bronco build straight six with 35s

    yup, taday's nother wk, he's gone...can't keep talkin
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    Compressor / AC Issue

    some go to the big bx stores and ask at the desk "Can U sell me a cana freon?" and "Can U show me where to tap my system to fill it?" This can take U far in solving the problem. Lubrication in this system is important (can add at the same time) and if wishing to go further adding a dye, using...
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    66 bronco build straight six with 35s

    There'za wk & no comments. I'll keep goin. "...will I be fine putting 35s on with a 3.5 lift..." I'd worry less abt the motor & more bout the rest (U got 411 gears in it I imagine (even the 144/2.36L falcon motor could turn 35s w/that in the rear end). What will probably happen, even w/3.5...
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    66 bronco build straight six with 35s

    each yr brought changes but the bottom end was robust thru out the 36 yrs of production. Only 1st coupla yrs were 4 mans, 7 after '62 or 4. See: for more'n just history buta staged...
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    66 bronco build straight six with 35s

    Altho the 3.3/200 came ina '73/4 bronk I would not put it in (for my use, which may B totally different than urs or the 2 yr em 200ci bronk). Many of us use the 250 (a stroked 200) & some the 300. Like EVERY automotive Q the answ is in "What is the vehicle's APPLICATION?" (80% of use). The 200...
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    yup, I like the 1 w/copper in it. EVERY time I do a few jobs I expect the worse on fasteners. Ex. manny is one of those places. Lots of tricks now, just take it in stride & move thru. Slight 'back'n forth' can help, heat, days early soak, replace removed ones to relieve pressure in the stuck...
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    Help with seized engine removal

    no expert here. Just wanna have the thing tilted in a direction U will have the motor come inta contact so (wiggle, wiggle) it can go in easier... Also sucks when drops outta the vehicle while waitin for Mr Motor's return. I saw a guy usea ratchet strap (don't like that).
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    1990 Bronco

    I would change Mr. miesk's answ from mom'n pop store to "big box stores" as AutoZone, PepBoys, etc have a code checker they bring out 2 ur car. OBD 1 is touch though (count blinkin lights). I do the same as you Dlaw. Machine bearly used in summer (it is a woods vehicle used for income. I do not...
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    Transmission on 89 XLT

    Sounds like U need to start nother thread. R U saying "Western Star Truck Co"? They usta B White Motor Co outta Portland. Its been Autocar, Volvo and MB (Dalmner). Find what era and ether go to this company or who was ownining it at the time of manafacturer. A new thread here could certainly...