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  1. bowker88

    20-month '69 Bronco Mod Project

    Before and After pics from my 1969 Restoration Mod. Took 20 months and worth every day.
  2. bowker88

    Alternate wiring ideas for license plate light

    I am building out a '69 Bronco and I'm at the point where we are cleaning up the body and hopefully painting soon.  One of things the body shop pointed out to me were 3 holes all vertically aligned on the left hand side of the tailgate (if facing it from the rear) next to the license plate...
  3. bowker88

    Engine Recommendations for '69 restore

    Hey folks.  I bought a '69 Bronco and I'm restoring it. The engine is not usable so I need to pick an engine to put in it.  I didn't want to assume that I was getting a 302 and thought I would ask the community for any ideas\suggestions of engines that are a good match for the classic Bronco.  I...