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    OK Let me know if that was what you needed? I didnt even notice..Thanks Mike😁
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    Comment by 'muddrivermike' in media 'Finished and driven daily'

    NICE. Hope mine comes out that great once I get a garage built. Great job (y) (y) (y)
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    Coolant temperature too low

    Hey this may sound stupid but over the years of being a mechanic in the shops I have run across something somewhat like this. We had either another shop or customer install the wrong radiator. Its was one with more rows than what the vehicle originally had which caused the coolant to run too...
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    I like the new look of the site so far..(y):)
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    Converting my bronco to NON ac

    OK everyone. After putting the Cummins in I havent had AC lines made up connecting the dodge compressor to the ford lines.And apparently I wont. My blower motor went bad a few weeks ago and just fought like hell to get the ac box out because the turbo in front of it. So now after breaking part...
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    Problem looking at anybodys profile

    Hey everyone. Is it just me ,or is anyone else having a problem going onto anyones page? I get a message saying im not   authorized to do that. Just wanted to know..Thanks Mike
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    Need opinions, Might sell the bronco

    Ok guys heres just a couple pics. The interior is clean,no rips or anything. Its all good. It just would need a real paint job. Sorry about how big they are coming through..Im not good at resizing pictures. Like I said. Lust looking for opinions..Im still not sure if im going to sell it just for...
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    Need opinions, Might sell the bronco

    Hey everyone. I am at the point where Im probably going to put my bronco up for sale. My problem is, Im trying to come up with a reasonable price. Now I know you never get what you will put into a vehicle,but at the same time I cant take a beating. I bought this truck almost 7 yrs ago for $6000...
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    Steering issue

    Ok everyone I have an issue here that maybe somebody has come across this...First off I am a mechanic and do know what Im doing but this has got me. My 78,9 inch suspension lift, 40 inch tires..I swapped in a DANA 60 front with the coil set up still in. Works great. Heres my problem: After I...
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    Rear disc brake conversion

    Ok everyone. Im trying to figure something out in my head here..Im always having to adjust my rear shoes all the time,And im really tired of doing it. I want to switch to the disc brake set up but a couple of things I have an issue with. 1 is the style...One set up uses the 8 lug chevy rotors...
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    460 Head??????

    Ok everyone I have one I havent seen before..Im looking at a possible set of D0VE heads for my 460 project for the bronco,,Cheap...Now look at the casting for the head,,IS IT A D0VE? I know that the other D8ve,D3VE, and so one have been known to be missing a number in that spot,,BUUUTTTT they...
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    Funny craigslist ad

    Got this in an email one day.Funny as hell
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    Thinking about it

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    D44 and D60 bearings

    Ok what Im trying to find out is A 79 f250 dana 44 FRONT axle and a 79 f350 dana 60 FRONT axle hub bearings,As inner and outer....Are they the same bearings or are the 60s bigger?The reason is I found a front dana 60 for sale from a 79 f350.I want to put the 60 in my bronco only because Im under...
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    Hub pulling problems

    This tool,Its called a spindle nut socket.
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    Anyone have a winch that looks stock?

    I need a front license plate so I'll probably relocate the plate behind the grill or the right side of the bumper. They sell these brackets that your tag bolts to that clip to the rollers,I have one on mine and when I need to use the winch I just pull on the tag and bracket and just put it in...
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    Dana 60 front in 78079 bronco

    Hey has anybody put a dana 60 into the front of their bronco? I have one in the rear and am planning to upgrade the 44 to a 60.. My problem is the track bar mount. Broncograveyard said that I would have to come up with a mount. They obviously sell the C wedges for my radius arms but no track...
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    Brass and copper radiator

    Ok What I need to know is if anybody one here knows for a fact of a company that I can get a copper and brass radiator for my truck.Just like what I HAD in it.I replaced my radiator back in april 09,And no the top is leaking where the cheap PLASTIC tank is crimped to the aluminum.When I ordered...
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    WHAT does this fan shroud fit?

    Ok 50Joe looked this up and what he found said it would fit a 77 and up f series or bronco 351/400 with AC without super cooling.Anybody else have any more input?
  20. muddrivermike

    WHAT does this fan shroud fit?

    I have a fan shroud that I bought off ebay a while ago,and going by the decription it was supposed to fit my bronco.IT DOESNT.So I bought one off bronco grave yard...The part number on the side D7TA-8146-FA.I need to know what 70 something ford this fits so I can just re-sell it...