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  1. Seabronc

    1986 rear defroster

    It is difficult to find a listing of Ford fusible links vs amperage rating. So here is what a manufacturer of fusible link wire has to say: Based on their chart, I would run a 12GA automotive rated wire to replace the old one.  As far as...
  2. Seabronc

    TailLight Troubles

    Check the ground connection from the right rear line.  See diagram :)>-
  3. Seabronc

    Help With Locating Ballast Resistor On '83

    OK, I don't see the diagrams that use to be attached to this subject, got lost in cyber space I guess.  So here are a few that may help you. :)>-
  4. Seabronc

    1973 ignition wiring

    I'll try to get back to you by tomorrow.  For now, you should be using automotive wire not the standard stuff from some place like Home Depot.   As Bob advised, if that is an older distributor and coil you need either the resistive wire or a ballast resistor in line with the 12V line to the...
  5. Seabronc

    Starter keeps running after started

    A couple of questions Do you have a PMGR starter?  If so, is it wired like the attached diagram? If so and it is wired as the diagram, which relay are you tapping on, the one on the fender or the one on the starter?
  6. Seabronc

    1985 relay

    There are two ways to hook up an electric choke.  1. The original Ford/Holly had a 7V coil and was hooked as shown in the attached diagram.  2. if the choke heater was replaced with a 12V coil then the heater had to be supplied from a switched source.  In other words power to the coil only when...
  7. Seabronc

    Rear Window

    It looks like someone jury rigged it.  Broncos were not shipped with the switch you mention.  That being said, both the dash and tailgate switch are supposed to operate the window.  Diagram attached.  You will probably have to restore the wiring using the diagram.  The two switches work as a...
  8. Seabronc

    Back up reverse lights not working.

    The circuit is simple, easily trouble shot with a meter.  The connector designation may not be the same for your truck but the circuit is the same. :)>-
  9. Seabronc

    cardan joint replacement---is there a wrong way to put on the H yoke?

    It has been so long since I did that, but I think I had the same problem.   Here is a shop manual excerpt on the Cardan joint' :)>-
  10. Seabronc

    1989 Bronco 8cyl XLT Idles bad and low power and cuts off during down

    I would suggest that the pickup you replaced in the distributor is possibly defective. If it shuts off like you turned the key to, "OFF", when warm and then runs after cool down, that is a classsic symptom of a bad pickup.   I'd be even more suspicious of the pickup  if you got it from a big box...
  11. Seabronc

    1984 Bronco XLT - Is there an OBD test connector?

    All I can tell you is, that my 83 with the same engine as you from an 85 didn't have an OBD test connector.   Probably would only have had one if it was manufactured for sale in Callifornia.  No trouble codes to read if it has a Duraspark II ignition.  How about a picture or two of the engine...
  12. Seabronc

    90 Bronco tailgate window only works w key

    There are 2 fuses for the tail gate, 1 for the dash switch and one for the key switch.   Attached diagrams to help you troubleshoot the problem. :)>-
  13. Seabronc

    Driver Side Tail Light Assembly

    It is a different circuit, the bulb has two filaments, one for brake and one for turn.  Probably a corroded contact,  bad bulb, or bad connection.  Sometimes the plug contacts or wires corrode. If bulb doesn't fix the problem, check the connector, it is located on the left side under and just...
  14. Seabronc

    Vac and choke help please

    Here is your vacuum diagram modified without the Air Inject system :)>-
  15. Seabronc

    Vac and choke help please

    NO, the thing on the end of the snorkel is not the Air BPV !!!! It is the Air DV.  Your diagram distinctly shows the hookup of the Intake air system that feeds the air to the carb..   The Air BPV has nothing to do with air to the carb.  The Air BPV is part of the pollution controls, it controls...
  16. Seabronc

    Vac and choke help please

    The larger center on goes to the A/CL Diverter, small top one goes to the vrest from there to the A/CL Bimet and from there to Main Vac.  I'm not sure you have a vrest to put in there, it should look like a coupler with a small hole all the way through that is quite a bit smaller than the vacuum...
  17. Seabronc

    Vac and choke help please

    They are there but not completely shown.  You may or may not have a CWM (Cold Weather Modulator) but this is the arrangement.  The A/CL DV is the thing on the end of the snorkel where the air intake hose connects to the snorkel.  The tube under the end of the snorkel should go to a heat manifold...
  18. Seabronc

    Vac and choke help please

    For your convenience I have added a diagram here.  It is not one relevant to your truck, but the definitions will help you understand what the vacuum components are.
  19. Seabronc

    Virgin 351 Windsor 4V ready to go into 1984 Bronco XLT. To Emission or

    I don't think so, but these may help you troubleshoot the problem. :)>-