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  1. Seabronc

    Enforcing a couple of basic rules

    Lately the multiple problems listed in a single post has seemed to be getting out of hand.   Also make sure the title highlights the problem.  If their title sucks, then I have been editing them, something everybody can do.  "I need Help" doesn't aid anyone who is using the search function to...
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    Profile pictures

    Is it just me or are there a bunch of profile pictures missing?
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    Multiple non-related problems in a thread

    Lately I am seeing several threads that have more than one unrelated problems being reported in a single threads.  For the sake of future people searching for answers, please enforce, "one problem per thread".  Also if the title doesn't describe the problem, please edit it.  I catch a lot  of...
  4. Seabronc

    Proposed Moderator Guidelines

    I copied these guidelines from another forum I am on and propose that they be used here: General rulesModerators can delete content if they consider it: spam off-topic offensive controversial obsolete Moderators should not delete other kinds of content. In particular, moderators are not...
  5. Seabronc

    Topic Shutdown

    I shut down the "Carburetor to EFI Swap" thread in "78-79 Ford Bronco Tech Support". The reason being that the comments do not serve to help the guy that originally asked the question.   If you think it should be reopened let me know. :)>-
  6. Seabronc

    Are you interested in knowing more about EFI?

    Thanks to Miesk5 I have been able to find a site that is no longer easy to get to.  It is a wealth of information put together by Ryan M (FireGuy50) at  That site is not generally available using a normal internet search.  It is, however, available via the WayBackMachine...
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    Please Read

    Please do not put your personal information like telephone number, email address, etc. in your responses to posts.  It leaves you wide open to Trolls.  Use the forum PM function.  Simply click on the person's icon and then click on "send me a message".   We will delete any such information that...
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    Please Read Before Posting In This section Of The Forum

    In the Topic line state either, "FOR SALE" or "WANTED"  ie For Sale 1989 Eddy Bauer Bronco II  or Wanted 1967 Early Bronco".  Do not use the term EB for Eddy Bauer.  EB is the common designation for Early Bronco. If the entire vehicle is for sale for parts, enter that in the title line, ie. For...
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    Trucks for sale

    I cleaned out all the old listings.    It was my intent to leave the ones that were from this year, but in my exuberance I hit the delete button for those also.  So if you get any complaints, you know where to point the finger.  b-( :(( Also, cleaned up the parts for sale forum.  Only this...
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    BullyBob and I have been PMing each other on the subject of moderators.   a lot of the original moderators are no longer active.  With the exception of Randy, we think that if a moderator hasn't been active in at least the past 12 months, that they should be replaced.  I exclude Randy because he...
  11. Seabronc

    Wrenching Manuals

    I haven't been up on this soap box in a while, so I decided to refresh the topic. If you are going to attempt troubleshooting and fixing your own problems with your Bronco, one of the best things I can suggest is to, at the minimum, get an EVTM (Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual). ...
  12. Seabronc

    Rivet Replacement Chart

    In the past there have been some questions on what size bolt to use if you have to remove a rivet for some modification.  I don't know where I found this chaart, so if someone knows I will gladly give them credit where credit is due or if they are a real But and insist it be removed I will do...
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    OK I have sent 89XLT a PM informing him that this is a forum not a social media chat and that he needs to supply more information when he makes a post like all the symptoms he is aware of. Also, I told him that he is our eyes and hands and that he needs to do what is requested and report back...
  14. Seabronc

    Closed All Forsale Posts

    I just closed all Truck and Parts For Sale posts that are over 6 months old to keep people from replying to the post without reading the date it was originally entered.
  15. Seabronc

    An interesting video on a Ford 351W Marine engine

    I was looking for something else and came upon this site Enjoy,
  16. Seabronc

    A PLYMOUTH that looks like a Bronco?

    OK, I saw something I have never seen before. I looked like a FSB or K5 abut across the front it said PLYMOUTH :blink: . It also had on cab roof. It looked like a Bronco with the cap off and cab roof removed. Does anyone know what it is? Didn't have time to stop amd take a closer look...
  17. Seabronc

    Vehicle Inspection Laws by State

    Vehicle Emissions Inspection Requirements and Exemptions by State Clearing the Smog Law Haze Everyone agrees that taking strides toward keeping our planet healthy is a noble cause, but how should the burden be shared? Clean air is a national concern addressed by the EPA, but the laws...
  18. Seabronc

    Gallery Pictures

    Today I looked at my gallery and all I could find were the latest pictures that I added a day ago. The pictures that were there before are gone, only the comment is left.:-& :-B
  19. Seabronc

    New Colors for my Bronco

    Attached is a picture of my new front right fender in the colors and scheme I have decided on. I played with the picture color to get it as close to what it actually is as possible, Ford 3P Medium blue metallic and Ford CX Shadow gray. I'm trying to decide :unsure: on what to do with the...
  20. Seabronc

    Bronco History

    Some questions that are often asked about Early Broncos (EB), NOT Eddie Bauer, are answered in this article from an old magazine Bully Bob had. If this attempt doesn't turn out too good, I will transcribe it. Also a couple of links by DLlama