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    For Sale 87-91 parts

    Is there any interest in some aftermarket parts for the Full Size 87 to 91 Bronco? Tailgate with surface rust (last I checked, parts are in the back of my garage) R & L fenders some damage but I don't remember how bad Hood rear spring perch Driver side door new in box (Jambs were...
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    98 Engine Swap

    I had an idea and I thought I'd bounce it off you folks. I have a 1990 full size bronco with a new 351W and the E4OD trans that has a fresh rebuild but that the body is too far gone to repair. I also have a 98 Expedition with the 4.6 but I'm not sure what trans it has, that has a head gasket...
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    Fuel pumps keep running

    Ok folks time for my issues again... I tried to search for my old post about this problem but couldn't find it. Problem is, when the key is off the fuel pump will run on it's own. Ive been told to look for a bad ground or a shorted wire but I haven't found one yet. I've also had to replace the...
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    Best way to manage 12V accessories

    Broncos have had trouble with corrosion for years, therefore you should run your own power for all accessories. This can be as simple or elaborate as you want, I've done the elaborate type and I have around 50 hours building it. First is the primary power wire going from the battery into a...
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    Strange problem with trans???

    I was moving my trailer around the yard yesterday and a few times Beast didn't have any torque... Is there anything in the transfer case that could be slipping or should I start looking at the torque converter?
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    Roof Mount Light Bar?

    I've got one that I'd be willing to sell ya. Where are you located?
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    Give us your thoughts.

    1. How do you like the Bronco Zone? 2. Is it easy for you to navigate the forum? 3. Are there any changes you would like to see? 4. How does the Bronco Zone compare to other forums you use? I'd like to see what other people think of our forum and maybe use this information to help make the...
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    hardtop hoist idea

    I saw an idea once a while back... It consisted of a boat trailer hand crank with 2 cables attached to it. those cables went to a 2x4 each, 2x4s were long enough to span the top. Next there were 2 each straps per 2x4 with flat type hooks on the ends that would slide under the top at each corner...
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    Ok so this is what Beast is doing now... Took Beast out for a drive day before yesterday (first time Beast has been out since November) and all seemed ok. Battery was a little week from sitting but no big deal. Yesterday I tried to start Beast so I could move it out of the way and the battery...
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    Little or no brake pedal :-0

    Ok guys and gals I am having a problem with my brakes. With the engine off I can bleed the brakes no problem however, the first time I step on the pedal after I start the engine, my foot goes right to the floor... Where should I start my search for the problem? My first thought is I have a...
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    Custom Front Bumpers

    I remember, a few years back, seeing a front bumper that someone custom built for their truck however after searching the forum I can't find it... If you have built a custom front bumper please post pictures of your work... Thanks Darrin
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    TTB Dual shock question

    On the dual shock setup, does the front lower shock mounting stud screw out or is that a press fit? Pulling the shocks off for my lift install I managed to snap that stud :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> If I have to, could I get away with welding a nut to that bracket...
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    Operation Lift Beast is in progress

    Well I was able to get a little work done today... I cut, drilled and mounted the new side plate. I still need to weld it in place but it's on there along with the body mount :D I also still need to clean up the bottom a bit but that will be done tomorrow
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    Operation Lift Beast is in progress

    Well here is the radius arm bracket that came off the truck... After looking at it I'm thinking this was the clunk I've been hearing lately... I know it's not a great pic but I have circled the areas that are rotted... This area is weak... I have new steel plates that I will be welding...
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    Operation Lift Beast is in progress

    Well I started the lift install Saturday and things haven't gone so well... First problem I ran into was the fact that the passenger side radius arm mount was cracked in 2 spots and rotted bad... After a closer inspection, I found that the frame has also rotted in 2 spots around the radius arm...