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    1993 frame rotting

    have same problem on my 95 local welding shop will bend up a new section
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    previous owner had it done on mine they installed a fused harness between switch and truck harness
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    frame repair

    Thanks guys it is only like that in the rear from end of frame rail to about the gas tank was thinking of getting some metal stock to weld in to replace it if i can find any
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    frame repair

    Kind of figured that any suggestions for frame makers?
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    frame repair

    here are some pics of my frame rot would it be better to fix it or get a new frame ? thanks
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    Rear Cross Sill Rail - 1980-1996 Bronco

    same here except army retired dod tech retired
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    Rear Cross Sill Rail - 1980-1996 Bronco

    Yes most def i need 1 for my 95xlt what would the cost be ?
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    i have a 1995 ford bronco xl 4x4

    Mine has a 32 gal tank same year as yours
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    you have to have something to weld them to lol
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    got a bit of rot on rear of frame on a 95 bronco with 351 anybody know who makes frame or repair parts for frame ? thanks don
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    9 inch rear end swap

    the complete thing chuck houseing and axles / want to put rear disc brakes
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    9 inch rear end swap

    is it possible to swap out a stock 95 rear end to 9 inch rear end if you keep the same gear raitio ? just wondering
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    air ride suspension

    want it to be like the kneeling bus on public trans
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    Theft Protection

    police crusers used the same type of set up except you held the button down when shifting out of park