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    Hello, Yes, it's me again

    So I jumped the fuel pump relay, it runs but doesn’t sound like it’s got pressure just spinning. No pressure gauge here to check with, let a friend use it. For grins I just jumped the FP & PCM, notta, notta cheese enchilada. Truck was running the day it shut down as I was waiting for the...
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    Hello, Yes, it's me again

    Dang! I don’t think I could have done 5 months in bed! Glad you recovered sir! I usually print all your technical replies. I’m thinking I might sale her, sitting after being a daily driver for 5+ years isn’t being kind to her! Same as my 77 Vette (of course I made it run faster). Still miss...
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    92 Bronco F250 Chassis and 5.9L Cummins Diesel Engine Swap - Documented build thread

    I just need a new speedo the mileage area is a black bar now & the fuel gauge stopped working that's why its sitting in the redheads spot with a full tank and now possibly no fuel pump? Ill have to check them out
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    Hello, Yes, it's me again

    Thank you sir! Having my left knee replaced on Thursday so it will be a while before I tackle it now. Of course it decided to go out right where the redhead girlie usually parks!
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    Hello, Yes, it's me again

    I have just returned from the island of Chandelier. What am I doing in town? Well, I'm glad you asked. I'm just passing through in search of the ever elusive... “Is there one circuit that controls the fuel pump and coil? I’m wondering if my ignition switch took a dump it’s been messed up since...
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    On The Road Again V2

    Been moving and trying to get the logistics of moving the Bronco, without having my girlfriend take me 100+ miles round trip.  A friend/ex-manager from the club we worked out now does hot shot work in Houston, moved it one day and my toolbox (didn’t want to take the top box off) another.  It was...
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    Dear Abby, Ann Landers & Judge Judy

    Were no help!  I've Asked Amy and Jeeves to no avail!  Even Web MD had no answers, is there anyway to get my 1993 Bronco to handle, ride and get the same fuel economy as my 2017 F150?  Asking for a friend.
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    Worthless Mechanic

    Thank you as usual sir, for now I just put the hose back on and will order the parts. HOWEVER... THIS must be that special Ford door seal test Bronco!?!?  I’ll bet it’s value just tripled???  
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    Worthless Mechanic

    Had to “Tag” her out, lazy mechanic forgot to tighten the clamps on the intake tubes, last week after replacing the manual temp gauge that quit working one month after install 7 years ago, not once, or twice, but 3 times!  First time it was routed perfectly, then I went back to admire my handy...
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    Mudding Sorta & Invisablity in Texas

    So I went mudding or drove through some mud, anyway this unit will be getting painted rattle can black soon!  First real trip since back on the road from church and due to not reactivating my toll tag yet I was curzzing the feeder on my return from church when the largest BMW made, with PAPER...
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    Willie Nelson

    In your best WN voice everybody sing On The Road Again!  So she is legal and back on the road today!  Not sure what’s in her future, new carpet for sure and y’all really need to pitch in and buy me a Corbeau seat!  Just the drivers side, unless you want to get me both? While she won’t be a...
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    What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    I finished hanging the rear differential, (you should hang the sway bar before hand), that took a bit to get started.  Then thought I was gonna have to get my diesel hammer after the RS brake shoes.  The white stuff in the rear is some sort of toxic substance that grew under the cardboard and...
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    I'm Back!!!

    Finally, the Bronco had been sitting after getting hit and the rear diff finally calling it with the 3rd tooth coming off!  During that time I became dumber and forgot the password here and to the email I had listed!  Thanks to Miseak5 and the BZ admins as well as the FSB site for the...
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    8.8" Equals 3 Teeth Max!

    So trying to decide what to do, after being a daily driver, sitting is not good for her! If it would have had a 9" in her there would be a Canon 5D Mark3 in my camera bag and the Bronco in the driveway. I have to admit the 2017 F150 goes twice the distance, extremely quite (I heard a pine...
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    Off Road Issues Maybe?

    Probably not a great mudder