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    Looking to buy.

    I bought my second Bronco about two and a half years ago. It was a '95 XLT with 170K miles on the clock. My first one was an '83 XLT which I bought from Ford. My suggestions would be to stick to the 92-96 Broncos because they have six digit electronic odometers which will show true mileage...
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    The 2019....2020....2021 Bronco

    I just saw an article about the introduction of the new 2021 Bronco. Has there ever been an introduction of a new model that, having been announced, took longer than an elephant's gestation period to produce a result? Getting tired of waiting yet?
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    Under hood light question

    I bought the '83 out of dealer's stock, so it had some strange options like those monster tripod trailer towing mirrors but no trailer hitch. It did have that retractable under hood trouble light though. Must have come from Ford.
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    Under hood light question

    I've gotta ask this question. When I had my '83 XLT it had a retractable under hood light fixture. You could pull out the light fixture and it would allow you to reel out enough line to reach the back of the truck. Great idea for those lonely tire changes or checking something making noise at...
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    Check engine light

    Isn't living in the People's Republic of California a satisfying experience? Can't someone with a test setup figure out what is wrong with your engine? I'm pretty sure a competent mech could do that.
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    92 Bronco possible 5.0 motor swap

    I believe this falls under the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule. BTW, 302/5.0L Ford engines are notorious for having leaking rear mains. My '83 XLT dripped from about 30K miles until I sold it with 177K miles on it. I knew that Ford had changed the firing order on the 302 sometime...
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    New here I need your input on found 82

    That Bronco is identical to the '83 XLT I bought new, including the color and the eventual peeling of the clear coat. That ain't a cheap paint job unless you count FoMoCo. Mine had the same problem exactly that forced me to paint the whole truck a dark metallic blue (because the argent side...
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    Headliner sagging

    Well, the lowest bid turned out really great. The gray material that they used is almost a perfect match to the factory color and texture. The factory colored sun visors are actually imperceptibly different and unnoticeable. The final price was $175, but it was still a bargain compared to the...
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    Side power window problem

    She is a beauty!
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    Headliner sagging

    I'm told by a local upholstery guy that the reason that the headliner is sagging is because the fabric is separating from a bonded foam layer that is behind it. Says it can't be repaired and must be replaced. Unfortunately Ford no longer supplies the material for a truck that is 25 years old...
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    Cooper Discoverer ATP

    Anyone have any experience with these tires? The American's Tire website shows them pretty favorably compared to the BFG all terrain tires.
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    Headliner sagging

    I noticed that the headliner in my '95 XLT is starting to sag. It is an area about the size of a bread plate just above the driver's head. The fabric itself is spotless and it appears that the adhesive that holds it to the backing is just giving up. Is there some way to fix this? I'd hate to...
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    Interchangeable seats??

    Have you tried a JY on line? I can recommend Rancho Ford Trucks in Rancho Cordova, CA. They even have FSB seats on occasion. I got a driver's side captain's chair out of an EB Bronco from them for my '95 XLT for something like $100.
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    Coolant Leakage From Radiator Hose

    Miesk5, I can't tell you how happy I am to find you here on this forum. I left FSB because of the strange graphics that were superimposed on the posts. Not sure why but I believe it had to do with the site switching software to allow a phone app. Your presence here gives me faith that I can...