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    Headliner sagging

    I'm told by a local upholstery guy that the reason that the headliner is sagging is because the fabric is separating from a bonded foam layer that is behind it. Says it can't be repaired and must be replaced. Unfortunately Ford no longer supplies the material for a truck that is 25 years old...
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    Cooper Discoverer ATP

    Anyone have any experience with these tires? The American's Tire website shows them pretty favorably compared to the BFG all terrain tires.
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    Headliner sagging

    I noticed that the headliner in my '95 XLT is starting to sag. It is an area about the size of a bread plate just above the driver's head. The fabric itself is spotless and it appears that the adhesive that holds it to the backing is just giving up. Is there some way to fix this? I'd hate to...
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    Interchangeable seats??

    Have you tried a JY on line? I can recommend Rancho Ford Trucks in Rancho Cordova, CA. They even have FSB seats on occasion. I got a driver's side captain's chair out of an EB Bronco from them for my '95 XLT for something like $100.
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    Coolant Leakage From Radiator Hose

    Miesk5, I can't tell you how happy I am to find you here on this forum. I left FSB because of the strange graphics that were superimposed on the posts. Not sure why but I believe it had to do with the site switching software to allow a phone app. Your presence here gives me faith that I can...
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    better gas mileage

    I bought an '83 XLT new with a 302/C6 running 31x10.50x15s and the best mileage that thing ever got was 13 mpg. I used to joke that it got 13 mpg climbing up the Sierras and 13 mpg coming back down. You might consider a higher set of gears. 4.56s are pretty tall gear sets and have to impact...
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    Does this kind of place exist?

    Does anything like this exist in the Sacramento, CA area?