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    Tail Light and Cluster Fuse Blowing

    My 15 Amp tail light fuse and gauge illumination 5 amp are blowing all of a sudden. They worked fine for about 2 months, and then they blew and i replaced them and they keep blowing. Where should I start looking? The brake lights work when pressing the brakes, it is the lights that turn on in...
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    1985 - Tailgate and Bumper ... what other years fit?

    Trying to swap out my tailgate for a new one, mine has been gutted, and has minor rust. What other year tailgates fit my 1985 Bronco? Also trying to swap my rear bumper ... same question ... what other year or other truck models fit my 1985? thanks for your help. -laborrega
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    Headlights flicker

    As the topic states, my headlights flicker when at idle. What should I check in order to stop the flickering? Thanks guys ... any help is appreciated.
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    What is that?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I don't see anything connected to it, rather some sort of dry rotted black tube/cable that is cut.
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    Seat Belt Buckle

    My 85 Bronco has the seat belts, but no where to buckle in to. I'm guessing the previous owner did away with the buckles. Can someone please point me to where they attach to? Also, looking to buy some. Pics would be great. thanks again for your help.
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    Sixliter tune up on a 5.8L carb ... question.

    I'm guessing everyone on here has heard of the "SixLiter" tune up. Me question is, should I be using the same parts for my 85 - 5.8L carbbed engine? Also should I use the larger gap or stick with the stock gap? What about the timing? 13 degrees? Or 10 degrees?
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    First time Ford owner

    Greetings from Laredo, TX. Bought this 2 weeks ago. Needs work. 1985 5.8L - 351 Carb Auto Had been sitting for 3 years. Bought these 15x10 ... now i just need tires ...