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  • I have a full size (33x12.50) spare on the rack. The truck didn't have a spare when I bought it, so I went with what it had on the four wheels. It fits fine, but if I had given it more thought I should have just waited until I got the smaller tires (31x10.50). The tires it has are in pretty good shape and the new spare has never been used. It cost me $270. Guess I'll try to sell th...

    Some more images, very nice!! So what size tire you have mounted on the rack? I am pretty much screwed the dry rotted, really small tire on mine probably won't help much. I want to add a matching setup, just not a 12.50, maybe a 33x10 if it will fit? Heck I ain't bought a jack yet either, guess I should do that this weekend?

    Looks nice mine is a 93 as well, not an EB, you should post some more images when you get time. Mine needs some work and since I really did not buy it to play in the mud I need some tires that make less noise! I will still keep the mudders just in case?

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