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    Power steering issues

    Hello all I recently replaced the power steering pump and the steering gear out in my 89 bronco. I flushed out the system and used type f fluid when I filled up the reservoir. While I was cycling the wheels back and forth the wheel would get tight and then the power steering pump cap would...
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    Steering not working correctly

    I recently took my 89 into get alignment and was told that the steering gear was bad. So I swapped it out and the power steering pump while I was at it it was squealing. Now that everything has been changed and bled i tried to take it down to get an alignment but now it is acting like it does...
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    Oil pressure jumps

    Hey everyone it's been awhile since I've been on here, I transferred from California to Virginia. So as the tithe says my oil pressure jumps around. A bit of history first. I started to drive it cross country with a uhaul coming into Arizona I had a some issues with it not wanting to pull up...
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    Engine squeals

    Ok I have already put this in my last post but since it is a different issue I thought I would start a new thread. OK so after fixing the wiring issue and getting Ole Duty (my girls named her) up an running I seemed to have developed a squeal in the engine. I originally thought it might be a...
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    New to the forums

    Hello all I am new to the site although I have already posted a question or two here for some help.  I have an 89 Bronco with a 5.0 that I bought to use as my hunting/camping truck.  in time I want to add a bigger bumper in the front an the back and a wench.  I am currently stationed in the...
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    Issues with starting

    Hello everyone i am new to the forums and i would like to say thanks in advance. I have a 89 bronco with a 5.0 I have been seraching and searching for a few weeks now and im still stuck.   So almost a month ago i was driving down the highway and i lost power pushing on the gas pedal nothing...