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    87-92? AC Orifice Tube Replacement - How to

    Hopefully this is the best pic you will ever see to explain how to replace this :D  I searched around and sure diagrams and written explanations but sometimes a pic just helps.... You need the 1/2 plastic A/C / Fuel line disconnect tool.  You also need a set of long, skinny needle nose...
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    AOD Buzzing in Park when Warm

    Howdy! My AOD for the last few years makes a buzzing sound when I have it in park after it's warmed up to full temp. Fluids are good. When it's stopped in any gear, no sound. Just immediately when I move to Park. It gets louder the warmer it gets but when it's at temp the sound remains...
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    What is it? Connector by TransferCase

    Looks like I can upload pix again so here is that connector finally. No idea what this is and those pins are not shaved off since they have an original roundness you can see including equal wear/age. I'd like to think this is a Ford OEM connector to "something" too since the clip design looks...
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    pic test

    IT WORKS AGAIN!!! Dig the new upgrade to the forum too :)
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    What is it? Connector by TransferCase

    The last mount point for the connector is dead center on the cross member in front of the Transfer Case. The wire continues for a couple feet suggesting it's for the Transfer Case but I only see two ports which one is already connected, and the other is for my speedo cable so not sure where this...
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    Lincoln Locker - Weld Front Dana 44 IFS 87 Bronco

    It's time to service the front diff. I want to weld it up but I have to remove everything so I can't weld it in place i.e. I can't have the existing alignment. I imagine I should be able to set it up on the bench with the axle shafts in place to support the setup but I guess that's as best as I...
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    Plasti Dip'd the CARpet :)

    Yep I did it! I had a few goals in mind with this project: -Needs to be waterproof(there are very few chemicals including rubber seals like that Flex Seal stuff that tout water proof and can handle standing water for multiple days and this I believe is one of them but this classification of...
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    Spring Perch Location 8.8 w/ 9in tubes

    I need to know the measured locations of the spring perches for a 8.8 rear end in an 87 FSB. I'm getting the 9inch tubes but I can't imagine the perch locations are any different except maybe 1/4 inch at most. Either way, I need to know what dimensions I need to give Currie to weld these things...
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    busted 8.8 rear end swap to 9 or 8.8

    My rear end is leaking and I already put in the special seal bearings a year and a half ago when I got this axle from the junk yard. As far as I'm concerned this one is scrap now because it was leaking to begin with and the last one broke so I'm really looking for a new axle. I don't wanna go...
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    Emission high NOx and that EGR solenoid

    I just went through emissions and failed both my first tests. First time I was at 8.8 on NOx, then put in better gas, added some acetone, and now I'm at 6.5 but that's 1 over. This typically leads someone to check the EGR so I did. If I attached a hose to the port, I can suck on it and it...
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    chirp and no acceleration when hubs locked going straight ahead

    I just went to cross a river bed the other day and just before I started I put it in 4x4 and tried to go forward but the truck really did not want to move and made some interesting sounds, the kind you hear in scary movies... I just locked in the hubs out in the parking lot and tried to drive in...
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    Lacks power after driving on highway for bout 15 min

    I have a very odd issue. My truck runs great almost all the time. My main issue is when I'm driving on the highway in 4th gear at or over 2200 RPM's for about 15 to 20 minutes, my truck sort of jerks a bit and then starts to slow down. I can hold about 2000 - 2100 RPMs in any gear but I have no...
  13. Gas Tank / Fuel Pump Closed

    Gas Tank / Fuel Pump Closed

    Dremel cut out the floor panels (two layers) and then lined with 1/4 (I think?) rubber hose. I can stand on this thing and I will not fall through although I'm not a gorilla either
  14. Gas Tank / Fuel Pump Hatch Open

    Gas Tank / Fuel Pump Hatch Open

    Dremel cut out the floor panels (two layers) and then lined with 1/4 (I think?) rubber hose. I can stand on this thing and I will not fall through although I'm not a gorilla either