Aug 25, 1982 (Age: 37)
Mesa, AZ


87 convertible Softtop Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition

Folding softtop from JBG (This took some special mods to new hardware to install in addition to new drill points but worth it) 

302 pulled and rebuilt from 88 Mustang in late 90's

Fuel Injector upgrade to Ford "280 155 7 10" Bosch Fuel Injectors from Cougar/Explorer/etc. i.e. popular drop in upgrade 

Saginaw power steering pump (302/351 brackets are not universal pay attention to AC pump (4 bolts ontop or 3 on bottom) when finding donor)
RedHead Steeering Gear Box - Way more power than stock and with the Saginaw it steers easier than my 2016 Outback.

Rebuilt AOD installed summer of '08 (shift linkage seals replaced w/ B&M pan added ~10 Qt total capacity)

Currie custom built rear end 8.8 center w/ 9in sides and axles (shipping)
LPW Ultimate 8.8 Diff cover - Not happy. Carriage bolt stabilizer snapped with little effort then leaked after. Had to seal.

Auburn Gear 8.8 Posi with 3.55 Yukon Ring & Pinion (Requires non Synthentic 80-90 with Ford OR Auburn Gear Friction Modifier. Can't find non-Synthetic anywhere except direct from Ford so far for me and had to add about 1oz over 1:1 recommended)

2 junkyard pulled 8.8 rear end rebuilt installed summer of '07 & '08 both All leaked from passenger (tight corners/turn radius & destiny? UPDATE!!! 10 years later, it was destiny with abused axles but no leaks with Currie 8.8 w/ 9" ends! )

Rear disc brake conversion for 9in with ElDorado parking brake ready calipers (F'in useless but no more broken shoes)

JBG knuckle out conversion for redheaded step child flange series first quarter 87 truck builds 

2 GoLights LED RadioRay Permanent mounts on the roof with wireless control!!! (Easy install if wiring into Amp power in rear) 

Reupholstered roof (Hot glue, that 3M Super strong stuff is useless and yes I'm in AZ. Use original head liner frame, add sun shade material for extra insulation from outside)
Reupholstered visors (same job as headliner)

Best custom mod: center console converted to cooler
Second best custom mod: rear fuel pump maintenance hatch door that you can stand on