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    shift kit???

    is it a good idea to put a shift kit in my e4od? i just wanna get some better shift points and hold the gears longer. i know different kits do different things, which does what? also, how hard is one to install? any chance there is a instruction tutorial floating around here somewhere...
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    need to fix my heat before winter!

    all last winter my heat barely blew at all, until i realized there was a giant melted hole in the black plastic that surrounds the heater core and a/c stuff. obviously from the manifolds a long time ago. i just patched it with some duct tape and a towel, but i want to fix it right. i cant seem...
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    more hp and torque

    looking to do some upgrades, but first: does anyone know the stock hp and torque at the rear wheels and motor? or can anyone tell me estimated what i have with the few mods i have: 5.8, e40d, all emissions removed (except egr for smog legal headers), shorty headers, 2.25 inch straight pipes...
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    diesel motor swap question

    Say my 1990 bronco was a f-250, and i wanted a diesel. what motor would it have been? a 6.9 IDI diesel? or a 7.3? turbo? non-turbo? what were the options you could have had? basically what motor would (somewhat) easily swap in and go with the truck. ive seen diesel broncos before, but theyre...
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    took some new pics

    check them out, let me know what you think
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    New guy from Mt.

    check out mine, pm me if youd like
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    how to make sure my bronco is there when i wake up in the morning...

    so the past three nights, 3 cars have been stolen on my street. one each night. my bronco is too tall to fit in my garage, so it lives outside. any good security tips you might have? i pulled it right up to my house, locked the doors, left the porch light on, threw on a set of wheel-lock...
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    "Cam Lope" Sound in 5.8 efi

    When i go to start it up in the morning, if i give the gas a quick tap, it will come down from the "cold start high idle", idle at about 500 rpm and have a really nice sounding "lope". it will only last about 30 seconds, and go away as soon as i give it any gas. just wondering if anyone knows...
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    my 1990

    almost done stock 90' Bronco XLT 4X4 351 Windsor. 150,000 miles Custom mixed Duplicolor paint shop 6 inch rough country w/ adda-leafs n quad shocks Pacesetter shorty headers Hearthrob exhaust custom straight pipes Warn fender Flares 35 super swamper tsls (not pictured) Warm premium...
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    speedometer gear

    what size speedo gear do i need? i have 35 inch tires with 4.56 gears it was originall 31 tires with 3.55 what is the stock speedo gear tooth count? is it 19? i really dont want to take it apart and count since i just replaced all those t-case seals. only way im taking it apart is if i find...
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    painting top

    i have a quart of duplicolor paint shop black. will that work on the top? or will it all flake off? its the stock 1990 top. what is it even made out of exactly? it says fiberglass in the owners manual but it sounds like sheet metal. when i painted my old rims, i shot a little bit of duplicolor...
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    performance upgrades

    since ill be changing my gearing, i assume it will be a bit faster. what are some cheap performance engine upgrades i can throw on? k&n, throttle body spacer? i cant put a cam bc its a 1990 so there is no mass air and i cant convert to a carb bc the tranny is e40d
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    soft top tonnel top/cover

    im looking for a fastback or like the one in the picture that goes straight down from the cab and all the way back like a tonnul cover in a way. i want it to go straight down and then all the way back like in these pictures
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    soft top tonnel top/cover

    every online site that makes them has gone out of business. i found one that still does but they are wayyyyyyy overrpiced. i included a picture of something along the lines of what i want. or someone selling one id buy that also thanks
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    rear axle gears

    i found a junkyard axle but i dont know what rear gears i have. the rear end is stock. there is no tag on the outside. its gone. the one at the junkyard is 3.55 gears. is there any way of knowing the axle code through the vin or door sticker? my door sticker is WB TYPE BODY TRANS...