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    header woes

    i currently run shorty headers, to tru dual exhaust, 2.5 inch, i broke my collector flange so i need to replace them, i cant decide if i want to go with longtubes or go with shorties again, some ppl say shorty are better for trucks with big tires because they deliver more torque, some ppl say...
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    cat converters

    never had em before,but i just orderd 2 dynomax high flow race cats for it, hoping i dont loose any sound or power, what you guys think?
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    i have an 89 bronco and i picked up a set of longtube headers from a buddy for free that came off his 79 f150 2wd with a 302, im not sure but they look like they would fit, anyone know for sure?
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    power programer

    does anyone happen to know of a good website that would sell a chip or computer for an 89 bronco efi for more power? i just cant seem to locate anything today
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    rear shock troubles

    i was swapping out my rear shocks, and the upper mount bolts/studs snapped off on both sides, so now i have this little stub there, with no threads or a way to hold the shock on, this ever happen to anyone else or does anyone know a cheap trick to fix this.?
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    just had the weirdest thing happen

    i was just outside on my lunch break and decided to sit in my truck and crank the ac, i turned the truck on, kicked the ac on max and high, it didnt feel cold at all and its always ice cold, so i reved the engine up to about 2 grand to get things moving faster, and all of the sudden i hear this...
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    new rims

    I purchansed a new set of rims and wanted to share the improvements with everyone, the rims i had were 15x10 and the new rims are 15x12. You can def see the width dif in the pic, the tires stick out a full 2 inches farther on the truck and look sooo much beefier and not so smushed onto the rim...
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    whats everyone think

    went wheeling lastw eek and my friends wife snapped this pic of me as i was driving into a deep waterhole, i loved the pic so much i had to put it in my sig, so whats everyone think!?
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    brake problems

    Iwent wheeling yesterday once again, and as soon as i go thru a water hole, my brakes quit working. They work exceptionally well any other time. I thought it might be because i have disc in the front and drum in the rear, but other guys i go with have the same setups and thiers works fine. Just...
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    another trail run in jersey tomorrow

    we are all headed, to wharton state forest for a wheelin trip, some people from different clubs are going to be attending, hell or high water 4x4 will be there in full swing, if anyone wants to go send me a PM and i will give you a cell number and directions or IM me on AIM on StrokedRock89
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    yet another topic

    yes i know i post like crazy but im at work and bored so i gotta do soemthin, ok i have 15x10 inch rims right now on 38x15.50 ground hawg tires, this weekend im getting a set of 15x12 inch rims, so am i correct to assume that my tires are actually going to look wider and stick out farther and...
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    slight misfires

    89 bronco, EFI 306 , when i first start driving in the morning the truck misses a bit here and there, almost like in 3 second intervals, once its good and warmed up, the misfires get smaller and softer, and evevtually there is none at all, the plugs and wires are good, the cap and rotor are MSD...
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    well i ahve posted before about my truck charging fine until i turn a bunch of stuff on and then the guage drives face first into the red telling me the draw is too much. So yesterday i orderd a 140 amp alternator for my 89 bronco. I run an Optima redtop battery under the hood, and a second...
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    dropping trans pan and fluid change

    hey guys i am going wheeling this weekend and i havent changed the fluid in my trans since i got my truck, it was changed when i forst bought it by me but i havent changed it since i should say, when i changed it, the truck had 137k on it, i used a good filter kit and mobil 1 fully synthetic...